Upcycled Wooden Gold Centerpiece Tutorial

I love the look of a long thin wooden box full of flowers as a centerpiece but never owned one until now.

upcycled wooden box centrepiece
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The white chalk spray paint used in the project was provided for me by Pinty Plus.

Today I’m joining some of my creative blogger friends for the Upcycle Challenge Blog Hop.

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I was inspired initially a few months ago by this lovely wooden wine box makeover by Beverly from Across the Boulevard, it set me thinking about how I could use an old wooden crate box that I’d had as a Christmas gift quite a few years ago.

I actually had 2 of these boxes, they came with little plastic pots that fitted inside and packets of herb seeds to grow a kitchen garden. The first one I planted up, grew the herbs and had it outside in the garden for a few years. It worked nicely and looked good but the wood was not meant to last outside and went rotten after a few years and fell apart. I used the second one inside for a while but then replaced it on our kitchen window sill with plants in red tins (you can see them here) The old box just got bunged in the garage until I looked it out for this project.

before box.jpg

A little grubby and cobwebby but sound. A quick scrub in hot soapy water cleaned it up nicely.

To make a Geometric Gold Centerpiece Box you will need:

  • A wooden crate or box, a wine box would work well too

  • White Paint, I used this chalk spray paint from Pinty Plus

  • Gold Spray Paint, mine is this gorgeous super shiny gold from Valspar

  • A gold paint pen

  • Masking or painters tape

  • Scrap paper

  • A selection of glass jars and bottles

spray paint.jpg

Smooth any rough wood with sandpaper and wipe clean. Then give the wooden box a couple of coats of white paint.

When it’s dry, use your scrap paper and masking/painters tape to mask off diagonally half the box on each side. Make sure the top is covered too unless you want the inside gold as well.

wooden box makeover

Spray a couple of coats of gold paint, then remove the tape and scrap paper.

spray paint gold

You could leave it at this point, I almost did, but to finish the box I took the gold paint marker pen and added confetti. Just lots of little lines in all different directions.

add gold confetti

I added a little gold to some of the glass jars and bottles too. One jar I simply sprayed the outside with gold spray paint. One tall thin bottle I masked off a few lines with washi tape and then sprayed with gold and removed the tape.

mask off bottle.jpg

Then once everything was dry I put it all together and filled the jars and bottles with water and some flowers.

wooden box geometric gold makeover
geometric box.jpg

I took my mother in law on a trip this week and she gave me some yellow roses from her garden to say thank you. Perfect timing.

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