Day of the Doctor Tribute

This Saturday, the 23rd November is the Day of the Doctor.

For the uninitiated this is the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who and we are a little bit excited!

In our house 4 out of 5 are massive Doctor Who fans and over the years I've made a few Doctor Who themed things which I thought I might share today in anticipation of the Day of the Doctor.

This Tardis card was made for our youngest when he was about 8.

tardis Birthday card

It's just navy blue card cut into shape. The windows are little squares of mirror card stuck on, the signs I made in word, printed out and stuck on and the details are drawn on with a black pen. The door handle is kind of cute, just a strip of card glued on so you can open it and see him inside:

tardis birthday card

I had to get him to pose for a photo, peeking out from behind the kitchen door without telling him why, hence the slightly odd "what am I doing" expression on his face!

I just drew an "inside the Tardis" background on white card and glued it on the inside to fill in the gap. People who know about such things can date this card from the Tardis interior!

This card was for our other son when he was about 12 I think.

Doctor Who themed card

We have quite a history of home made cards with the "cutting out a photo of your face and sticking it onto someone else" theme. Star wars characters and super heroes are a particular favourite. Nowadays the kids use the computer and its all digital but this was quite a few years ago so I made it the old fashioned way. I did use the computer to print out photos on just regular paper, I didn't want to use proper photos and some of us needed to be coloured in!

I just drew the bodies (you can see I'm no great artist!) then cut out our heads and stuck them on. Our daughter is in the Dalek (she wasn't especially impressed!)

dr who card 2.jpg

Again fans of the show will know straight away the Doctor Who era this is from!

This cake I've already shared  here  along with some other cakes decorating ideas; the slightly too short, slightly lopsided dalek.


And this one got missed from my previous cake decorating post somehow, just a simple drawing of the Tardis using icing pens.

Tardis cake idea

One day I will make a proper 1970's Tom Baker Doctor Scarf, but that's quite far down my To Do list - that's a whole lot of knitting! 

The internet is full of lovely crochet patterns for Tardis hats, scarves and bags. There are instructions on how to make all sorts of lovely Doctor Who themed things, I have a few pinned on Pinterest, one day maybe I will get round to making them all!


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