Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornament

Christmas scrabble signs

I acquired an old scrabble set and have used the old tiles for a few projects. I have quite a few left and played around to see what words I could still make. Turns out I had the letters for a few Christmassy words:

scrabble tiles.jpg

I found these little signs in a charity shop for 50p each:

old signs.jpg

I gave them a quick spray of my favourite gold paint (this project has details) then cut out two pieces of scrap book paper, one just a little smaller than the sign and one a little smaller than that.

you will need.jpg

I inked the edge of the papers with a brown ink pad, I thought it helped with the rustic look - goes nicely with the string on the sign.

ink the edges.jpg

I spread PVA glue all over the back of the larger paper and stuck it onto the sign, then repeated for the smaller paper. I did try to photograph that but with my white scrap paper underneath it really didn't show. I'm guessing you all know what a gluey piece of paper looks like!

I then covered the whole thing in a layer of PVA glue (if you have Mod Podge I'm guessing it would work a treat)

covered in glue.jpg

I used my glue gun to attach the scrabble letters, just a little blob in each corner. I got my youngest to take these photos again, (this is definitely a two handed job) he took about 20 pictures and this was the best! 

glue gun the letters on.jpg

 Ta dah!

Merry Xmas sign.jpg
Noel Sign.jpg
scrabble tile Christmas ornaments

I actually tried this project a month or so ago for a birthday present. 

(what can go wrong) I hadn't found the signs then so tried to make one from balsa wood. It worked ok except the wood I had chosen was a little bit too thin for the screw in eye things and the wood split a bit.

broken corner.jpg

It was rescueable as I made that the back, but if you do try this, make sure your wood is at least 5mm thick. Otherwise I made it in pretty much the same way as described above. The differences here are that there is only one layer of paper, which went right to the edge, and I used a ribbon with some beads to hang it up.

personalised scrabble tile sign

The other thing I made with these tiles is a picture of all our names in a sort of scrabble arrangement which hangs in our hallway. (incidentally next to the Coin Picture) It looks great but it used the W's, the J and the K so I couldn't do any jingle bells or winter/snow words for this project!

family scrabble name picture

If you can't get hold of any actual scrabble tiles for something like this there are sites that you can download them from, print them on card and fashion your own. I've not tried any myself but I know there are a few about. Just google "download scrabble tiles" and I'm sure you will find something.

new sig 1.png

I've had some feedback that some people are concerned that by putting Xmas here I have taken Christ out of Christmas.

The X is Chi, the Greek letter for Christ so He is still very much there and this is just a commonly used shorthand from as far back as the 16th century. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but personally I'm happy to use Xmas.

There are loads of website that go into way more detail if you are interested in further research.

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