Adipose Cushion

What do you make for a Doctor Who fan for their Birthday? When it was my nephew's birthday recently I thought I'd have a go at making him a Doctor Who themed cushion.

How to make your own Adipose Cushion

In case you are not a fan these are Adipose, little alien babies made of fat (yeh, I know...) from a very funny episode back in 2008.


This is my contribution to the Pinterest Challenge February as I had seen and pinned these little toy Adipose from tuts+ . I just scaled the idea up a bit to make a cushion.

To make one you need:

  • White fleece fabric

  • 2 black buttons

  • A scrap of black felt

  • Stuffing - I used the inside of an old pillow but you could use proper wadding or toy stuffing

  • A fabric marker pen (mine is one of those that disappears after a bit)

  • Tape measure, scissors, thread

I found this fleece throw at The Range for £3.99, I often find fabric is cheaper if you buy something like a throw or bedding - why is that?

fleece throw.jpg

First mark out the shapes needed using the erasing fabric marker pen. Double up the fabric so you are cutting the back and front of each piece at the same time.

  • body - cut 2 (front and back)

  • arms - cut 4 (2 x front and 2 x back)

  • legs - cut 4 (2 x front and 2 x back)

The Body

body shape .jpg

The arms

Adipose arm pattern

The legs

cutting out adipose cushion pattern

This is not properly to scale, when I made this I made the legs too long and ended up cutting them down a bit. So the photos show the "too long" version, but the method is the same.

Pin then stitch round the arms and legs leaving the ends open.

Stitch around leg.jpg

Then turn them right side out.

turn leg right way.jpg

Stitch three 1" lines on each hand and foot to make fingers and toes.

stitch toes.jpg

Stuff the arms and legs, I used all the little off cuts of the fleece fabric.

stuff arms and legs.jpg

You could add the face at this point - I didn't as I wanted to make sure the placement was right but it was a bit of a fiddle and would probably be easier to do it at this stage.

Lay the back body flat on the table and position the arms and legs facing inwards. I put one arm angled up and one down so it looks like he is waving (the Adipose waved in the episode) No photo of this so I've drawn a little picture.

arm placement.jpg

Place the body front on top and pin all round marking a gap at the top of the head for turning.

making your own adipose cushion

Stitch round and turn out.

turn right way out.jpg

Stuff through the hole in the top till it has a nice shape, then pin the gap and stitch as neatly as possible.

stuff main part.jpg
sew up gap.jpg

I added the buttons for eyes at this point and a little felt mouth, which I just sewed on with a few stitches and black thread.

felt mouth.jpg
adipose cushion tutorial

He came out pretty cute!

Adipose pillow tutorial
How to make an adipose cushion
Make your own adipose cushion

I'm guessing that maybe you have to be a fan of the show to understand this one, but trust me, if you know a Whovian they will probably want one of these. 

"Adipose..and the fat just walks away!"

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