Bangle Storage Idea

Just a quick idea today.

Bangle storage solution

How do you store Bangles?

My bangles were in a right mess. I kept them in a shoe box - oh dear!

shoe box bangles.jpg

I love bangles, I have a few from when I was a teenager, some bought to go with special outfits and some just because! They were especially good when the children were small, you can't really wear much jewellery with a baby but a plastic bangle is ideal, they can pull on it, chew it, whatever and you and they are still safe at the end of it.

I needed a better way to store them more neatly so I could see what I had.

I googled for ideas and found a few pretty clever ideas:

Dimi at Style Scoop uses a bamboo cutlery tray

Jessica at Chronically Vintage has some beautiful vintage lingerie boxes

Catherine at Stuff you can't have used kitchen roll tubes

Jan at a thousand words upcycled a mug tree

Can I just say, I thought I had a lot of bangles but compared to some people out there......

All these ideas are beautiful but I don't really have any space at the moment to have them out on show like that so:

These food tubs turned out to be ideal. They were £1.49 each from TK Max.

Bangle Storage idea

Divide and conquer, not pretty but effective.

They stack neatly in the cupboard too!

in the cupboard.jpg

I can't believe I'm letting you see inside my messy cupboard!

I'd love to hear your ideas.


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