How to get your ribbon stash organised

How to get your ribbons organised

Do you have a jumbled collection of ribbons? I can't possibly be the only person in the world with a box full that needed a good sort out and some organisation put in place.

This is what I had before, a box full of all sorts of ribbons: whole reels, little tiny bits and everything in between. A big ol' tangled mess. Not a great way to keep my craft supplies. My excuse is that I don't like to throw anything away. You just never know when a little bit will come in just right for something. 

Any super tidy crafters just look away now - nothing for you to see here!

more before.png

Not good enough, not nearly good enough at all! So this is what I did.

First I took everything out so I could see what I had, then I started sorting.

I divided the ribbons into piles:

  • Large pieces

  • Big bits of lace

  • Little bits of lace

  • Sparkly and metallic

  • Smaller, thinner pieces divided into colours

Then I popped them into zip lock bags.

Organising ribbons

Some longer, nicer lengths I wound onto old cotton reels and secured then with a little bit of washi tape.

cotton reels.jpg

I found a few cards that had some ribbon still on them so I just filled up the gaps with some longer lengths too.


I put any ribbon reels I had in the bottom of the box first.

bottom of box.jpg

Then the nicely organise zip lock bags just lay on top.

tidy ribbons.jpg

It feels so lovely to see them all nicely organised. When I want something I can actually find it now.

Some people (i.e. all those who know me IRL) will find it amusing that I'm sharing a 'being tidy' idea. Tidy and me are not normally best friends, but this is easy and seems to actually work.

I vow to keep my ribbons this tidy FOREVER - honest! 

Do you have a ribbon stash? How do you keep it nice? 

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