Gold Heart Pot

Upcycle an old glass jar with gold spray paint and a sticker to make a pretty heart pot for your dressing table.

Continuing my efforts to make old things fit with our new bedroom décor I've made a useful pot for putting things in (Winnie the Pooh anyone? Remember Eeyore's Birthday Present?)

gold heart makeup brush pot
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I am so pleased with how this project turned out. It was really simple and fun to do too.

There was a sneak peek of this in my post the other week "Buying New verses Using Old", now I'm ready with some photos to share how you can make this if you fancy having a go.

gold heart pot

My original inspiration for this came from something I pinned AGES ago, in fact one of my first pins ever! 

But I had done that lazy/newbie thing and pinned a good idea without checking the source. Turns out my pin lead to one of those sites that takes images and makes a long tutorial pin from someone else's work. I have managed to track down the original post at heart. love. always. and re pinned from there - phew! (Thank goodness for Google image search) You can find my new properly linked pin here

This is what you need:

  • A glass (mine was one of those Nutella ones, great for recycling but didn't stack nicely with our other glasses as it's a different height and we only had 1 - perfect for this!)

  • Gold Spray Paint

  • Stickers- mine were heart shaped, similar to these

  • Scrap Paper

  • Washi tape or decorators tape

what you need.jpg

First wash and dry the glass, then stick whatever sticker you have where ever you like on the glass. I'd had these peel off stickers for a long time but hadn't really used them, I think they were probably free with a magazine. 

The design on the sticker doesn't matter - just the size and shape. I chose a heart and put it centrally.

stick sticker.jpg

You could put lots on if you want, just don't put anything too close to the top edge.

Next take a piece of scrap paper and roll it up to fit inside the glass and secure it with some tape. Take your time with the tape, make it nice and straight.

ready to spray paint.jpg

I found it easiest to take short lengths rather than trying to do it all in one go. Also by using a tape with a pattern I was able to line everything up with the top of the glass, keep it all straight.

tape close up.jpg

Give the whole thing a coat of gold spray paint. The paper will stop the paint going on the inside.

gold heart tub

Now the most fun bit. As soon as the paint is dry carefully peel off the sticker and tape.

gold heart pot DIY

Give the whole thing a couple of days for the paint to really dry thoroughly and then fill with lovely things.

DIY gold heart make up brush pot

Now here is a second bonus project for today: The mirror frame you can also see in the "Buying New verses Using Old" post was another item that's had a makeover. It was natural wood colour and it has also had a spray of gold. 

prep mirror for respray

I don't think this really deserves a whole post dedicated to it: I took the mirror out, sprayed it gold, put the mirror back, hung it on the wall - job done. 

I really do have the Midas touch at the moment - everything I spray turns to gold!

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