Paper cut Envelopes

I'm not a big fan of plain envelopes. Wouldn't it be nice if an envelope was able to hint at the loveliness inside it like a beautifully wrapped gift creates anticipation at what might be within? Too much? Maybe just not be quite so plain and boring then!

Papercut envelopes

I first shared this papercutting idea to fancy up an envelope back in September last year at It Happens in a Blink and as one is quite Valentine-y I thought I'd share it here with you all now. 

To have a go all you need is a plain envelope, a pencil, scrap paper, a craft knife and a piece of contrast paper for lining.

Draw your design in pencil on the scrap paper, keep it pretty simple unless you are a papercutting master. I did Sealed with a Loving Kiss and some very simple lips.


Open the envelope and place your design pencil side down, upside down on the inside of a red envelope point - face down and upside down - that is important!

Rub all over with a pencil, so it transfers to the envelope.

rub wrong side.jpg

It's not the best photo every but you can just about make it out. 

Cut round each letter and the lips with a craft knife. I used my swivel-y one because there were lots of curves here but a regular craft knife will be fine too.

cut out swalk.jpg

Then line with contrasting paper and you're done.

papercut envelope

I also did one for my Dad for his birthday card last year and took more photos on how to line it as I was making that one. Just scroll down and it will all become clear....

For this one I used a stencil instead of drawing my own design.

green envelope.jpg

Open the flap of the envelope and flip your stencil back to front and upside down. Do the centre letter of your message first then add the rest. You may need to put them pretty close together.


Cut them out with a craft knife. Remember upside down AND back to front - I learn't this the hard way!

cut out wrong side.jpg

When you close the envelope the writing will be the right way up.

cut out right side.jpg

Pop your contrasting lining paper under the envelope flap and draw round it.

lining a papercut envelope

I was using a bit of scrap paper so had to tidy up the sides. You need to cut it a fraction narrower than your envelope and long enough to fit right down inside below the V.

lining .jpg

Glue just along the top edge of the lining paper then pop it in the envelope.

lining an envelope

I had made a papercut card too for him, that is supposed to be a camera as he likes photography and collects cameras. Not the best camera I've even seen but at the time he was polite enough to say he liked it!

Papercut card and envelope 
Make your own papercut envelope

It's pretty quick and easy and doesn't get in the way of the address on the front if you are posting your card or letter. 

I've a few more ideas to fancy up envelopes to share soon - I'm on a bit of a mission now, I feel my handmade cards deserve a special envelope now and again!


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