Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip Review and Giveaway

Do you like to wear your hair up sometimes but struggle to get it to stay put all day? Do you have 3 minutes or less to get yourself looking presentable in the mornings?

Hair clip.jpg

So, something a bit different on the ol' blog today! A product review and giveaway.

I was lucky enough to receive  this beautiful Flexi-clip from Lizzie, an independent consultant for Lilla Rose and I've spent the last few weeks trying it out. What a super easy way to put my hair up! 


Now years ago, when I had time for such things, I was quite adventurous with my hair and would try all sorts of different hair styles.

 Lately it's just dangling round my face or maybe in one of those ponytails where you don't pull it all through. I've lost my hair styling mojo but I really don't have time for messing about with it and I certainly don't have time for any sort of during the day fixing.

This is my hair from the back, just so you can see length, thickness etc. 

my hair.jpg

I can't believe how long it's gotten, I don't see it like this very much! (I think I need a trim) Anyway, the Flexi-clip comes in a variety of sizes for different hair types and lengths, they really do seem to do something for everyone.

I chose Medium, because I always find that this kind of clip...

old barret.jpg

is never quite big enough to get all my hair in when it's twisted up. Have you been there when you think it's all in then you turn your head and "ping" it's sprung undone?!

It came in very pretty packaging.


You also get a little instruction leaflet showing a couple of styles you can try, there are also demonstration videos on her Lilla Rose Website.

I tried the Ponytail.

pony tail.jpg

Very easy, it's not rocket science to see what I did here! You don't need a hair elastic underneath, the clip hold it all in by itself.

The twist.


This is my favourite, so easy to do and feels so secure once it's in. No pins apart from the Flexi-clip are required. I used the clip whilst on my holiday recently (it was the only hair accessory I bothered to take) and you can see this twist came out a little different, but the same basic technique. These photos were taken at the end of a day's sightseeing - no touch ups!

twist 2.jpg

I also tried a style where I did a quick sort of French plait then folded the ends up and secured them with the Flexi-clip.


My hair is just a little too long for this one on reflection, I'll try this again after my trim.

My Flexi-clip is called Interlocking Vines. I like the classic design and the fact it kind of goes with everything. They come in LOADS of different designs though, some with coloured beads and different coloured metals.

Now the fun part, I have a Flexi-Clip to give away to one lucky reader.

You can enter using the Rafflecoper below, there are lots of ways and you can enter as many of them as you like. 

The winner will be chosen at random on 15th March and will be able to choose any Flexi-Clip in the size of their choice (except the Flexi-clip of the month)

The giveaway has now closed, I'll be notifying the winner tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who entered.

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Even if you are not the lucky winner you can register on Lizzie's Lilla Rose site and get updated with an email when there are sales on - no purchase necessary to register. They ship internationally too.


Disclaimer: Although I have no received monetary compensation for this post I have received a free product. The views I express are, however 100% my own