Floating Photo Frame

Floating Frames, is that what they are called? I've been googling to see what the proper name is. Glass frame, backless frame, I'm not sure what to call them but I do know that I like the effect!

floating photo frame idea

It's that time for the Pinterest Challenge, where once a month a group of bloggers get together and share projects they've made inspired by something from pinterest.

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I saw a lovely idea to transfer a photo onto glass a while back from a blog which no longer seems to exist called Do Small Things with Love 

You can find the pin that inspired me here. Nancy used transfer medium to put a photo onto glass - just gorgeous!

Sadly the shops round here do not seem to stock transfer medium and I wanted to try this idea for a birthday present so had no time for ordering online. I had a look at what I already had to hand.

To make my version I used:

  • An old wooden picture frame

  • Printable transparency film

  • An old photo

  • A computer & printer

  • Superglue

  • Washi Tape

old wooden frame.jpg

First I took out the back and glass out of my wooden frame then removed the little metal tabs that hold the glass, picture and back in place. These things: 

metal tags.jpg

I just yanked them with pliers and out they came. I gave the glass a good clean then glued it into the frame with a little superglue.

My photo was a lovely one of my mum and Auntie when they were teenagers (this is a present for my Auntie).

old photo.jpg

I scanned it and then printed it onto my printable transparency film. This is just that stuff we used to use "back in the day" for overhead projectors - remember them? In those days before Powerpoint!

transparency film.jpg

Slight hiccup, it came out a little bit more blue toned that I wanted. Doesn't really go with the wooden frame and it's red check ribbon.

blueish photo .jpg

I uploaded the photo to my favourite photo editing site PicMonkey and played about with the colour saturation and temperature until it was more the golden tones I was after. Then I printed it again. Update: I tend to use IPiccy nowadays to edit my photos.

photo printed.jpg

Much better! It's quite hard to photograph transparent film, hopefully you can see this ok (plus the window reflection!) 

Then I cut this to size and superglued it onto the glass. BIG MISTAKE! The glue had no where to go between the glass and film so it seeped onto the bit that shows and looked awful. I peeled the photo off quickly and then used a razor blade to remove the glue from the glass, I was in such a panic I seem to have not photographed this stage - what a shame!

Take two:

I printed it again (I used the glossy paper setting on the printer and best quality), cut it out again and then fixed it in place with washi tape.

washi tape.jpg

I just made sure the washi tape was only on the bit of the wooden frame that doesn't show. The re-positionable quality of the washi tape made it ideal for this.

Ta dah! 

printable floating frame.jpg

I'm really please with how it came out. I would still like to try the Transfer Medium method as it gives the photos a beautiful aged look. I suppose you could try an ageing effect on the photo in PicMonkey before printing for a similar look. I'm just gonna keep my eyes open for Transfer Medium next time I'm in an art shop.

floating photo idea.jpg

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