Floral Gift Box idea from Upcycled Magazines

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Just a couple of weeks ago I was bringing you a round up of craft ideas to make with old magazines and junk mail and today I have another that I can add to the list.


This is a really quick tutorial to show how I solved a very specific problem - gifting a craft kit that had come in the post in a box.

I brought a lovely macrame craft kit for a friend for their birthday and it arrived beautifully packaged in a box small enough to fit through the letter box - clever! The kit was then folded neatly with a sheet of craft paper and a ribbon cord inside the box. I was delighted with my purchase and I hope my friend will love her craft kit, the issue I had was how to gift it to her when the box had my name and address written on it.

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I appreciate that the seller had not used extra, unnecessary packaging to send the item, it doesn’t need 2 boxes, but I did need to make it look more presentable as a gift.

Way back when I was making these floral birthday cards I cut out a whole load of flowers from some old gardening magazines and seed catalogues. I just kept them, knowing they would come in for something. Boom! This is that something! I love it when a plan comes together.

A pile of flowers cut out from a magazine

This is really simple. Glue your cut out flowers all over the parcel box to cover the address and postage label.

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I used a Pritt Glue stick for this, a glue stick is my preference for paper but a PVA or Mod Podge would work too.

I re-sealed the box with some pretty washi tape and glued some flowers to come over the edge.

re seal box.jpeg

But at the sides where the box sides join the top I cut a flower in half and glued it with a gap. I figured my friend will still want to be able to close the box once she’s opened the gift and knows what is in there.

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paper flower covered gift box tutorial
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Ta Dah! Simple but effective. Easier than finding another box that’s the right size and nicer than just scribbling out the address with a sharpie or covering the box completely in wrapping paper.

UPDATE: now that it’s been given I can share what was inside my box without it being a spoiler!

It was this lovely macrame wall hanging kit from Nodo Knots on Etsy. When my friend has had time to make her wall hanging I’m sure she’ll send me a photo so I’ll add that here too.

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I’ll be sharing this idea at some of these link ups