Button Envelope

Here is a cute way to give a gift card - make a button fastened envelope for it from lovely craft paper.

button envelope

Some of the products I used to make this envelope were provided by Pandahall.com

You will need:

  • A gift card
  • Your choice of craft paper (mine is a lovely handmade paper I've had for years with real petals somehow mushed into the actual paper)
  • 2 Buttons - mine are these pretty wooden tree design ones are from Pandahall
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors, needle & glue
what you will need.jpg
How to make a button envelope
  • Lay the gift card centrally on the paper and fold around it in all directions
  • Cut away the corners as shown in the 2nd photo
  • Fold the envelope up and mark in pencil where the two buttons will go (the red blobs are just so you can see them!)
  • Cut or punch 2 circles of the paper (from the corner scraps) to reinforce the buttons on the inside
  • Using 2 strands of embroidery thread sew on the buttons, Only make two holes in the paper, make sure you use the same hole each time - you don't want to perforate the paper too much
  • For the lower button just tie off the thread ends and trim
  • For the button on the flap, leave one long end of thread, tie off as before to secure then carefully poke the thread back through one of the holes to the front of the envelope - this will be to wrap round the buttons and seal the envelope
  • Glue the side flaps of the envelope and fold it up

Pop your gift card inside then seal up the envelope by wrapping the long thread round and round the two buttons.

button envelope fastening
button envelope

I love the wooden tree buttons with the textured paper, you could try any combination of papers and buttons and get a totally different look. 

This worked well for a birthday present last week when I just didn't have time to make a separate birthday card, it made the shop's gift card feel just a little bit more special. 


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