Wedding Day Emergency Kit

When my lovely friend and colleague got married a little while ago I gave her an emergency jar full of little things she might need on the day.

Wedding day emergency jar

I've seen some really beautiful wedding gifts using jars online (mainly when scrolling through pinterest of course) and wanted to have a go at making something pretty and practical for my friend. 

Really what I did here was a tweak of the Gold Heart Pot I made for my makeup brushes, I did this at the same time using mostly the same materials.

To make one you need:

  • A jar with a lid. Mine was just an old chocolate spread jar. Another time I would use a bigger jar, it was hard to fit everything in here that I wanted to

  • Gold spray paint

  • A sticker, mine was a heart

  • Washi tape or low tack masking tape

  • Paper

  • Ribbon or thread

  • A button with a shank

  • Strong glue - mine was superglue

  • Small bits and pieces you might need on your wedding day

I washed and dried the jar then prepared it in the same way as the Gold heart Pot. A sticker in the middle and washi tape to secure paper to the top.

wedding kit jar tutorial

As my jar had a ridge top and bottom I used that as a guide and used the washi tape and paper to mask off the top and bottom areas.

The whole thing got a coat of gold spray paint.

wedding day gift jar

Then I peeled off the washi tape and sticker. The lid also got a spray of gold but apparently I didn't take any photos.

As the wedding had a blue colour scheme 

I made a simple tag in Picmonkey, you can right click on the image below and save it to your computer if you'd like to use it, but it is very easy to make your own.

Wedding day emergency kit printable tag

Once I printed and cut that out I assembled the contents.

wedding day emergency jar contents

You can include whatever you like, depending on the size of your jar. I added:

  • Mini deodorant

  • Breath freshener

  • Tissues

  • Sample size perfume

  • Lipstick

  • Lip balm

  • Sewing kit

  • Headache tablets

I attached the gift tag with blue twine and then as a finishing touch glued a sparkly button to the lid. I chose one with a shank (I think that's what you call that sticking out bit) so it would stick up and form a knob of sorts.

How to make a wedding day emergency jar gift idea

If I do this again I would use a bigger jar, just so I have more options with what to include. I would also think ahead and find a small drawer knob or similar to use instead of the button. I think the button is ok on this small jar but would be too small on a larger jar. 

wedding day emergency jar tutorial
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