Wedding Gift Wrap Nespresso Boxes

A fun wedding gift wrap idea for giving Nespresso capsules (or some other long thin boxes)

Wedding Gift Box Nespresso Boxes

I'm guessing that giving boxes of Nespresso capsules might be a really niche wedding gift. If you follow on Instagram you may have seen we are having a summer of weddings, we have 4 altogether, in a 7 week period! 

As you would expect I have a few wedding gift things to share. You can find a crochet flower gift wrap and romantic paper cut here, and today is quick gift wrap idea - just in case there is anyone else out there who is wanting to find a fun wedding way to gift wrap tall thin boxes.

I was inspired by something I found on Pinterest from a German Stampin' Up Demonstrators blog First Hand Emotion. They had made a Bride and Groom from tall thin boxes containing what I think is tall thin bottles of some sort of spirit. I have had to rely on Google Translate so I'm not entirely sure!

Stampin Up Braut Bräutigam Verpackung Flaschen_1.jpg

We needed to pack ours in a suitcase to take abroad so I simplified mine a little. You can check out their beautiful original idea here  or pin it from here.

To make some like mine you will need:

  • white paper
  • black paper
  • scraps of white and glossy black card
  • 2 large paper doilies
  • a selection of papercrafting bits and pieces, gems, ribbon etc

Wrap your boxes, one in white paper and one in black. I only had white regular printer paper so my Nespresso box took 2 sheets to cover it.

If you are off to a traditional wedding, like we were, add details to make a traditional bride and groom as shown in the photos. But the beauty of this is that you can personalise these however you want to, so you can adapt the colour scheme, type of outfits, genders of the couple etc to suit.

The groom was pretty simple, I just cut a long thin triangle of shiny black card then added a slightly thinner triangle of white card on top. 

A teeny bowtie cut from black paper, some gem buttons and a gem flower from a broken earring finished him off.

detail of nespresso wedding.jpg

To make the doily skirt for the bride I cut 4 shapes from paper doilies, 3 times the width of the box and half the length. My doilies were dinner plate size and I was able to get 2 from each.

I folded them over the box, then creased the sides back on themselves. The photos show this better than I can explain.

doily bride skirt gift wrap

Then I just glued them onto each side of the box and added a bit of ribbon and a bow to cover the join. 

skirt detail.jpg

A few gems round the neck make a necklace and I added a few little flowers and gems to a punched shape with more ribbon to make the bouquet.

Nespresso Bride and groom.jpg

As we had to travel with them, we just made sure the groom was on the right so the bouquet overlapped onto that box and didn't get damaged. We put them head first (so the doily skirt didn't get creased) into a wine gift bag to keep them together and so we could add a gift tag as I didn't know where to write on them.

wedding gift wrap box idea

The couple loved them, they are big coffee drinkers and get a lot of use from their Nespresso machine.

I just want to apologise for the poor quality of these photos, I made them a little bit last minute and once you've given someone a gift you can't have it back for a second photo shoot!

It has just occurred to me that you could always fill tall thin boxes with something else, making this idea a little less niche "for Nespresso machine owners only" and a little more suitable for anyone.


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