A little tribute to Jenny part 3

February 7th was my Mum's birthday and so each year I share a photo of something she made as a little tribute to her and her crafting skills.

cardy 1980.jpg

This year's treat for your eyes is another awesome photo of me when I was younger. For some reason I appear to be strangling the cat but as this cat lived a long and healthy life I'm sure that's not what is happening here! 

The cardigan I'm wearing was knitted for me by my Mum, I remember it well. It was a long length, with a bit of a collar which you can just about make out in the photo. I'm guessing this photo is early 80's probably 1982/3, those glasses give me a bit of a "Harry Potter" look don't they!

The cute thing is that I think Mum had one of these cardigans too, I'm sure we had matching ones even though I've not been able to find any photos of us wearing them together.

So today I'm remembered my Mum and her brilliant knitting skills.

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