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A few people have asked me why I called my blog Sum of their Stories.

A while ago a friend shared with me this beautiful poem.


Russian Dolls

We carry our mothers inside us,

their voices, their habits surprise us,

slipping out suddenly, after we’re opened

to life’s pain.

When we’ve discovered that we are the

sum of their stories,

that we must love their defeats as we do

their victories.

Triumph and tragedy, mothers and daughters,

they beget each other like Russian dolls -

forever enclosing and being enclosed.

I love to make things because I was allowed to as a child. I was allowed to make a mess, be creative, have a go. I had wonderful women in my life who taught me skills and techniques. They unpicked my mistakes and showed me where I was going wrong. I am the Sum of their Stories.

I share something they made each year on their birthdays, just as a little tribute to them. Click on the photos to read more.

You can read a bit more about them on my about me page too. 

I don't know who wrote this poem, I've searched online but can't find out. I would love to credit the author, so if anyone knows please do let me know.