Fabric Trimmed Cardigan Refashion

A really quick and easy way to give a plain cardigan a new look.

Fabric trimmed cardigan refashion

This poor old plain black cardigan was a useful but boring staple of my wardrobe.

original cardigan.jpg

It looks a little bit grey here but that is just the light.

I saw a lovely jumper to cardigan refashion from Jo at Three Stories High back in March, a gorgeous mix of plain knit and pattered fabric edging and so I was totally inspired by her to give my old cardie a new lease of life.

I found an old scarf in my rag bag, I used to wear this over my long woollen coat, shawl style back in the 80's (that was a thing then, honest!), it was a bit holey along one edge but the pattern is just lovely.

First I took the old buttons off the cardigan, it is a narrow fit so I never do it up anyway.

Next I cut 2 long strips of the scarf fabric from the non holey side both about 2" (5cm) wide.

Cut long strips.jpg

I folded and pressed them in half, then half again, to make a fat bias binding.

I pinned it in place over the button and button hole bands on the cardigan.

pin on edgeing.jpg

I used loads of pins as my scarf fabric is pretty floppy.

I stitched mine by hand using a fairly small slip stitch. I chose to hand stitch because my scarf fabric is so floppy and I didn't trust myself not to pull the knit edge out of shape, if you feel confident you could whizz this on the machine in no time.

cardigan with fabric edgeing.jpg

Hand stitching did mean I stitched all the way round on the outside of the cardigan, then all the way round again on the inside. Twice as much stitching but I felt worth it, I feel sure I would have the front edge twisting if I had tried a short cut. 

I did this whilst watching TV and took about an hour.

I actually did this little refashion way back in the spring but by the time I was ready with photos etc the weather was warm and it seemed a bit unseasonal. There was a sneak peek of this on Instagram back in May: 

Fabric trimmed cardigan refashion

It was when I wore it for Me Made May. What I love most about my new look cardie is that it still goes with everything, the multi coloured scarf fabric means it is still a really useful wardrobe basic, just a tiny bit less boring now!

The weather here in the UK is always a bit unpredictable so a cardigan is an essential pretty much all year round. To be fair it's been pretty nice the last few weeks but I have a feeling cardigan weather will be with us again really soon!

fabric trimmed cardigan refashion


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