Sheet Music Gift Card Envelopes

Repurpose old sheet music into pretty envelopes for gift cards.

Sheet Music Gift Card Envelopes

I needed to make a cute gift bag of some sort for the embroidery scissors from last week's giveaway. I came across an old sheet music book when tidying up that came in handy.

old sheet music.jpg

I bought book of music in a charity shop at least 30 years ago (eek) when as a teenager I was learning piano. My ridiculously optimistic teenager self thought I would be able to play anything if I practiced enough. Ha ha! The reality was I didn't practice enough and certainly never got to the point where I could play anything in this book! I had used a few sheets for card making a while ago and then forgotten all about it. 

I made this simple little flat gift bag and slipped the scissors inside ready to send to the lucky winner.

Sheet Music gift bag

The gift bag turned out pretty cute and made me think a smaller version might make a nice envelope for giving gift vouchers.

To make you own sheet music gift card envelopes you will need:

  • Old sheet music (any old books would work nicely too)

  • Sewing Machine with an old needle

  • Sewing thread

  • Hole punch

  • Lace or ribbon

  • Optional - stamps and ink pads

Cut 2 8cm x 13cm pieces of sheet music.

cut to size.jpg

Stitch round 3 sides, leaving 1 short side open. 

stitch shapes.jpg

If you start stitching an inch or so down the side and immediately go backwards to the top, then stitch down the side you won't have to worry about the ends undoing but at the same time you are not perforating the paper more times than necessary.

stitched up env.jpg

If you want to, add a design or 2 using any stamps and ink you might have. I don't have masses of stamps, mainly ones that have been free gifts on magazines.


I found bolder, thicker designs worked best. Anything too fine and detailed didn't show well on the busy background. These were my tests on scrap bits of paper.

test stamps.jpg

I like how the brighter colours came out too, I thought gold would be lovely but really it was just a bit disappointing. Maybe embossing it would work ... I'll try that next time.

stamped bags.jpg

Next use a hold punch to make 2 holes at the open edge. You could measure, I just eyeballed it. 

punch holes.jpg

Pop in your gift card then thread a length of lace or ribbon through the holes and secure with a bow. A length of about 42cm should be about right. 

tie  with ribbon.jpg

I tried lace, thin ribbon (those ribbon loops you get in new clothes are idea), embroidery thread and raffia.

gift card envelopes section.png

I'm not sure which I like best, the ones with a stamp or the ones without. 

Sheet Music gift card envelopes

I suggest keeping a sewing machine needle especially for sewing with paper. I used the one I had wrecked a few weeks ago when I made my cork and fabric key ring. I'm now keeping it separately especially for projects like this. Don't ruin a new one!

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