Handmade Monday #59

Good evening, good afternoon, good morning! Wherever you are in the world, welcome to another Handmade Monday craft link up. 

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How has your week been? We've had such crazy weather here in the UK, Bright crisp sunny days (my favourite) howling gales and intermittent snow. A real mixed bag. I shouldn't be surprised, this 'take an umbrella, coat and suncream' weather is what we are famous for here after all! I gather from the news some other parts of the world have been getting real extremes, super hot in Australia and super cold in the US, wherever you are I hope you are coping ok.


I get ridiculously excited when I see a rainbow, I just think they are so cool. Like art in the sky, this little tiny bit of rainbow was just so bright it was amazing. No filters - honest! And to think I was sceptical of why someone would ever want a camera on their phone when they first came out!!

Enough about me, now it's time the features from last weeks Handmade Monday. 

Made in a Muddle shared some really gorgeous cards.

Knitting and So On have a free sock knitting pattern for you. I made socks once as a teenager - correction I made one sock once as a teenager and it was so enormous and ill fitting I buried it at the bottom of the wardrobe and never made another. I must conquer my sock knitting demons sometimes, so I've pinned this pattern ready for when I feel brave enough.

Congratulations to both of you. there is a "YAY I was featured" button for your blog just here

Handmade Monday is all about building a crafting community, better together and all that, so please do take a moment to visit some of the other projects linked up this week. Share some of your favourites on your social media maybe and leave a nice comment or two. Let's support one another :-)

The rules for Handmade Monday are very simple:

  • Did you make it? Yes - the hooray, we'd love to see it

  • Add the link to a specific post, not your main blog url

  • You can link up to 3 posts each week but try to make sure it's not stuff you've shared here before

  • Mingle - visit some other links - comment - share

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