Simple Sign for Craft Stalls

Make a simple canvas sign with your logo for your craft fair stall.

simple sign for craft stalls

This post contains affiliate links. I was sent a set of paint markers to try out. 

After a long break, I started selling some of my handmade items at craft fairs again recently and thought that something with the Sum of their Stories logo on it would look professional on my stall.

I didn't want to spend loads and as my logo is fairly simple I figured I could make something  myself.  I thought it was worth sharing here just in case you are a crafters who sells to the public, who has a simple logo and is are looking for a way to make a sign - Sounds unlikely now I put it like that but here we go anyway! 

To make something similar you will need:

  • A canvas - any size you like, I used what I had

  • White paint - to cover the canvas if it's not a new blank one

  • Paint markers - mine are from Carmel.

  • Pen and Pencil

My canvas is a fairly small 20cm x 20cm (8" x 8") I bought a few of these a few years ago, they were selling them off somewhere, I can't remember where, at a silly price as they had pen marks on them. I made one into a Floral Mixed Media style canvas a few years ago 


If your canvas is not a brand new blank one then paint it with a couple of layers of white paint, just to get yourself a blank canvas to get started. Ordinary white emulsion (Latex) paint will do.

Print a reverse version of your logo in a size that fits your canvas.

canvas and logo.jpg

Draw over the logo with a pencil.

pencil lines.jpg

Flip it over and place it centrally on the canvas, then scribble over the lines to transfer the design onto the canvas.

tracing paper.png
pale version.png

Now just paint in your logo. I used these paintmarker pens that Carmel had sent me to try out. They were perfect for this. The nib is round and the paint flows beautifully so they were really easy to use. The coverage was great too, I didn't need to go back over any areas and the colour was vivid. 

leave to dry.jpg

I left the design to dry at this point, these paint markers only take about 30 minutes to dry. Then I added white circles to the button of my logo and outlined it all in black.

make your own simple logo sign for craft fairs

That's it, a very simple sign that I can pop on my stall and hopefully look super professional.

These Carmel paint markers would be great for handwritten signs of all types, I'm thinking I might try something on wood next with a quote or song lyrics. I was really impressed by the smooth flow and vibrant colours. Highly recommended. 

new sig 1.png

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