Handmade Monday #106

Handmade Monday craft link up

Hi everyone and welcome to Handmade Monday #106, this is our weekly craft link up where you can share your latest craft project or find some new ideas.

Is everyone all ready for Christmas? I had an idea this year to make handmade chocolate bars, you know when they have all sorts of interesting things sprinkled on the top and look all artisan, but it turns out tempering chocolate is more difficult than it sounds! Luckily I made a couple of test bars which have bloomed something awful, so that idea is out the window. I’m thinking I’ll try making truffles or fudge with all this chocolate I have now, it’ll have to be quick and easy recipes though!

I had a lovely Christmas meal last night with some fabulous ex colleagues - like a work do but we don’t work together anymore! Love a bit of Christmas hat faffing, but I think only people who know what Christmas crackers are all about will understand why all these elements where on our dinner table.

santa hat.png

We won’t have a Handmade Monday next week, it’s so close to Christmas I reckon we’ll all be a little bit busy, I know I will! Handmade Monday will be back on the evening of the 30th December, for one last link up in 2018.

Ok, now let’s take a look at the features from last week’s Handmade Monday. Please click on the photos to go through to the original posts if you want to pin any of these ideas.

Claire from Pillar Box Blue has made some lovely Christmas song ornaments from old thread spools or cotton reels as we call them here! I was crafting with cotton reels too this week which might be why this one particularly caught my eye, I just can’t resist a good upcycle.

This crochet scarf pattern from Raidy’s Crochet Corner is a beauty, Raidy used a beautiful chunky yarn with lovely soft colour changes and says it’s a super quick project so ideal for a last minute gift maybe!

I had to pick a 3rd feature this week and it’s ANOTHER crochet pattern #sorrynotsorry !! Actually I’m not even a tiny bit sorry as this lovely little star pattern from Atelier Marie-Lucienne is so pretty! Marjan goes through really clearly how to add beads to the edge which is a lovely extra touch.

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