Handmade Monday #93

Handmade Monday craft link up

Hi everyone and a warm welcome to this weeks Handmade Monday, our link up. It's a place for creative bloggers to share their creative projects, tutorials and recipes and a great way to browse for some new ideas. 

I never buy myself flowers but when I saw these beauties in our local Aldi for just £3 this week I decided I was worth it!


I was given a load of plastic rings (just over an inch in diameter) a few weeks ago by someone who thought I “might be able to do something with them!” I immediately thought Dorset Buttons and I’ve had a little go and made one so far. Any ideas what else I could make with them? I had a couple of ideas given to me when I shared them on Instagram, but I have quite a few so the more ideas the merrier.

Dorset buttons

Now let’s take a look at the features from last week’s Handmade Monday.

In the northern hemisphere we are all heading into autumn, a time for wooly scarves, so this lovely Infinity Scarf from Winding Road Crochet is perfect.

It’s not secret that I love a good upcycle idea and Chas Crazy Creations has some lovely ideas for upcycling old tins. There’s another of those sidewalk/pavement and hood/bonnet things isn’t it? We say tins here in the UK and in the US they are cans, whatever you call them Chas has some fun ideas to use them!

Congratulations to you both. there is a "YAY I was featured" button for your blog over here if you want to add one to your blog :-)


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Handmade Monday is all about building a crafting community,  we most definitely are better together, so please do take a moment to visit some of the other projects linked up this week. Share some of your favourites on your social media maybe and leave a nice comment or two.

 Let's support one another  ^_^

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