A little tribute to Ellen - part 8

A painting of a black poodle on a red background

Sum of their Stories was established in 2013 when I was looking for a way to encourage others to enjoy crafts in the way I was encouraged as a child. My mum and both my Grandma’s were prolific crafters and they would provide me with materials, lessons and help to support me in my mad crafting projects.

Just as a little way to thank and honour them, each year on what would have been their birthday I share something they made. March 28th was my paternal grandma Ellen’s birthday so today I’m sharing a couple of pictures she painted.

These pictures are of my Nan and Grandad’s dog Chico. They had a number of black miniature poodles over the years and called them all Chico. Easy to remember eh? I’m not absolutely sure how many, but they all looked very much the same.

I thought I had a photo of at least one of the actual Chico’s that I could share too but I’ve not been able to find one. He did look pretty much like this though! I’ve found a photo! Whoop whoop! Now you can see the likeness.

My nan was a prolific painter, especially in her later years. She really seemed to have found something she absolutely loved to do, that’s the best kind of creativity right?

So today I’m remembering Ellen, my nan, an endlessly enthusiastic person in many areas of life, just not crafts and painting.