Traditional Mini Sampler Cross Stitch Design

A free mini sampler cross stitch design in a vintage traditional style.

I used to design a lot of cross stitch patterns. Back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s I sold a range kits of my designs at craft fairs, this was long before the internet of course! I also had a number of my designs published in a few different cross stitch magazines. Tidying up recently I found this traditional looking mini sampler at the bottom of my embroidery box. It’s one I’ve never shared anywhere before and so I have created the chart for you now.

I love vibrant modern cross stitch but I have always had a soft spot for very traditional looking samplers. I designed this one back in 2002 for my mum - Traditional Cross Stitch Sampler.


This new design is a mini sampler, ideal to use as a greeting card. When stitched on 14 count aida or a 28 count evenweave linen it measures approx 7cm or 2.75” square.

You can see when I stitched the design it was on a 28 count evenweave linen.

I’ve not given any quantities for thread, as I said I stitched this A LONG time ago but it’s really doesn’t take much, a length or 2 of each colour. This would be a great project to use up a few lengths of leftover thread. The colours I’m showing here are just a guide anyway, you could use more different shades or less and it will still look fabulous.

Cross stitch mini sampler pattern

You can either right click on the picture above, copy and paste it onto a word doc to print yourself or click the button below to download it from google docs.

If you have a problem just let me know, I often find there are a few teething problems with sharing Google docs! The downloadable version has the chart with symbols on it too.

Threads used

All the cross stitch is worked with 2 strands of embroidery thread and all the backstitch with just 1 strand.

I always use DMC thread and I’ve identified the colours I used when I stitched this up:

  • Dark Pink/Burgundy - DMC 3084

  • Light Pink - DMC 604

  • Green - DMC 470

  • Tan - DMC 3864

Uses for the mini cross stitch sampler

You could use this design to make a greeting card, frame it to make a picture for a craft space, attach it to the front of a notebook for a craft project planner, sew it to the front of a little needlecase or perhaps make it into a pincushion (if you could bear to stick pins in it!)

Enjoy your stitching.


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