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I find it quite hard to believe but apparently some people just don’t do any crafts of any kind! Shocker eh? Lots of people say “Oh I’m just not crafty” but I honestly believe they’ve just not found the right craft yet! I can’t think of any other explanation. Making something yourself with your own hands is such amazing therapy (when it is going well) as so many crafts involve repetitive actions - think crochet, knitting, mosaic making, cross stitch. It can be very meditative plus you have something lovely at the end, win win!

There are so many different and varied crafts out there I’m certain there has to be something for everyone. To help this festive season I’ve put together a selection of craft kits that should inspire everyone to give crafts a go and hopefully experience the magic of making something lovely yourself.

Kits are a great way in to a craft, everything you need is right there so you don’t usually need to be buying anything extra.

The links below are all affiliate links. This means if you do click through any of the photos and make a purchase, Sum of their Stories will receive a small commission. The amount you pay will be the same.

Click on the photos to go straight to the item for sale on Etsy. A lot of these Etsy shops are based in the UK but I have checked that they all post out worldwide. Do just bear in the mind the time it takes for parcels to arrive from the UK, especially with the current situation and allow plenty of time.

Cotton Clara has some wonderful embroidery kits. Most have uplifting messages and only involve simple embroidery stitches so are perfect for beginners. Clara has a gorgeous range of wooden kits too when you are stitching onto plywood too which is a really modern twist.

The Crafty Kit Company have the most gorgeous needle felting kits like this sweet little bee hive. They also have kits for sewing with felt, applique, knitting and cross stitch.

Little Conkers have a range of sweet crochet kits, they have a focus of sustainability too with the product and packaging containing natural materials, recycled where possible and even the option to receive the pattern via email to reduce paper.

Hawthorn Handmade are a company I’ve bought from a few times now. They do the most lovely embroidery hoop kits with such modern yet classic designs. They also have a range of needle felting kits but for me it’s their embroidery kits that are something special.

These mosaic kits from Lily Mosaics by Lis are just so sweet. I’m especially in love with the heart with buttons. Lis has several more shapes with the buttons too.

Rag Rug making is an old craft that’s really made a come back as we think more about our impact on the environment. Ragged Life have lovely kits to get you started. They contain everything you need except the actual fabric as of course the whole point of a rag rug is to use your old clothes and textiles!

The Wool Couture Company have some beautifully cozy looking knitting kits. Both of these projects would be perfect for beginners as they are simple and chunky which means fast results.

Macrame has had such a resurgence in recent years, Kalicrame has some lovely kits to have a go yourself.

Wooden block printing is such a lovely craft, I’ve been lucky enough to join the workshops that The Arty Crafty Place run at The Creative Craft Show several times and I’ve had such fun printing tea towels and bags. The quality of the wooden printing blocks is amazing.

Punch needle is a fun craft, it gives the look of embroidery but is more like drawing with yarn. Whole Punching have some pretty beginners kits to get you started.

Know someone who’d like to make their own super cool polymer clay jewellery? (of course you do!) Katrilee has some lovely kits available for earrings and necklaces.

I’ve not done any lino printing since I was at school but I think it would be so much fun to have another go. Creative Clever Hands have some great kits with all you need to get started.

For lots more ideas from Etsy check our their editors’ picks for staying in, there’s quite a few more craft ideas there as well as other ideas for making staying in just a little bit nice!

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What do you think? Is that enough ideas to get you thinking of how you can encourage all your family and friends to find their ‘thing’ when it comes to being creative? If there are any crafts you’d be particularly interested in that I’ve not covered let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can find.

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