Making a hole in Vellum or card without creasing - a Blu Tack Hack

A quick tip to make perfect holes in vellum and card without creases.

Easy way to attach vellum when card making
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I’ve been using this method to make little holes in card for things like split pins, brads etc for years and so when Bostik, the makers of Blu Tack, asked me to share a Blu Tack hack I immediately knew what to do!

The Blu Tack for this project was provided for me by Bostik.

The problem is how to make a small hole in vellum or card without it creasing. Here’s what happened when I just held some vellum and poked a hole with a needle.

vellum with creases.jpg

If you want a larger hole then a hole punch is great. You can get wonderful spring loaded eyelet settings which can be used to punch holes anywhere you want in card, I love my set from Fiskars..

The issue is if you want a tiny hole, to poke a split pin into, or for a fine thread. Sometimes you don’t want a larger hole that will show and if you just jab a needle or cocktail stick through you can very easily crease your card. Look at this example - the top hole i held the card whilst I made the hole with a needle, the bottom hole I used my favourite Blu Tack hack.

creased hole.jpg

To show this hack or tip in action I’ve made a quick card using the technique.

To make a simple vellum wedding card you will need:

  • A piece of patterned card - mine came from the Romantic Vintage paper pack by Craft Sensations but I think it’s discontinued now

  • A piece of vellum printed with a wedding greeting

  • 4 split pins or brads

  • A piece of regular printer paper

  • An old needle

  • Blu Tack

  • An envelope

what you need.jpg

If you are making your own cards with patterned paper then do make sure you have an envelope sorted before you decide on your card size. Cut the card to match the envelope, don’t make a card and then try to find an envelope to match - rookie mistake!

Cut your patterned card to the size card you want, my card is a 5.5” square so I cut the patterned card 5.5” x 11” and folded it in half.

Place the printed vellum greeting centrally on the front of the card.

Tear off a lump of Blu Tack and roll it into a ball.

blu tack hack

With the card opened out so you are only working with the front of the card, hold the vellum in place with your hands or with a couple of little pieces of washi tape if you find it too fiddly. Place the lump of Blu Tack under the corner of the layered card and vellum and use it to support the card as you poke the hole through with a needle.

blu tack hack with papercrafting

Pop a split pin in the hole and repeat on all 4 corners.

split pins.jpg

On a card like this, with the back of the pins on show I like to add an insert. I don’t add inserts to all my cards, it feels like just an extra piece of paper normally, but when there is something to cover it can add a nice touch. Also this patterned card is double sided so it makes this card easier to write in too.

To make an insert take a piece of regular paper and fold it in half. Trim it so it is just a fraction smaller than your card blank when opened out.

make insert.jpg
  • Lay the insert on your table with the fold to the left.

  • Apply paper glue in a strip all down the fold side.

  • Place the insert in the inside of the card, lining up the folds.

  • Close the card and press along the edge.

adding insert.jpg

That’s it, a pretty card and completely crease free vellum :-)

I use this Blu Tack Hack to make holes for the card toppers that I make for the 25th and 15th Anniversary cards I have in my Etsy shop.

card toppers.jpg
card topper.jpg
crease free papercraft a blu tack hack

Blu Tack is great for putting up posters and Christmas decorations but it’s also a really useful thing to keep handy for when you are papercrafting.

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