Pom Pom Christmas Bauble Upcycle

Who doesn’t love pompoms? Hopefully not you if you are here reading this tutorial to update an old Christmas bauble into a pompom covered beauty!

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This is a super simple Christmas ornament upcycling idea which I’m sharing today as part of the Do It Over Designers Challenge, there’s more on that at the end of this simple tutorial so do stay tuned at the end of this tutorial.

All you need to give an old Christmas bauble a pompom makeover is:

An old Christmas bauble and box of pom poms

If you are anything like me, with a box full of mixed size pompoms, you will need to sort out a pile that is all the same size.

You can see that I sorted out a couple of piles; teeny tiny ones and small one. I liked the idea of the teeny tiny ones but to be honest I didn’t think I’d have enough to cover the bauble and I was right, I would have run out!

I used the small pompoms from my box, each one is 1.5cm across, that’s just over half an inch and I used almost 90 just to cover this one bauble! Just to give you an idea the bauble was about 6cm (2.5”) in diameter before it was given its makeover.

This idea may use a lot of pompoms but it is really simple.

Balance your bauble on something like a reel of washi tape then take your hot glue gun and just start gluing the pompoms on. Squish them together as closely as possible so there are no gaps and just keep glueing.

This does take quite a lot of glue too, I used 2 short sticks of hot glue on just the one bauble.

Start at the top and then just work your way round.

You don’t need to pay too much attention to what colour pompom goes where but maybe try not to put 2 the same right next to each other. It might look like I did in these photos but I actually have red, mid brown and dark orange pompoms here which all look very similar in the photos but fortunately in real life are more obviously different!

When the bauble is completely covered just give it a minute or two for the glue to dry completely and then add a ribbon to hang it and you’re all done!

Excited by how cute this looked I thought I’d give this idea another go and make a snowball ornament with pompoms too. I had quite a few white pom poms in my stash, all different sizes.

The method is exactly the same, you just glue on the white pompoms all over the old Christmas bauble. I used a gold bauble this time because I thought any little bits peaking through wouldn’t matter so much. I needn’t have worried though, when the pompoms are jammed in close to one another very little of the original bauble shows anyway. You can use really tiny pompoms to fill in any gaps when you are mixing the sizes like this.

Isn’t it cute?

I think the colourful one is my favourite but I do love the fluffier looking snowball too.

That’s it, a fun way to update and upcycle a sad looking Christmas bauble and give it a new look.

lots of colourful pom poms covering an old Christmas bauble
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