A little tribute to Pearl - part 10

Sum of their Stories started as a place to share my enthusiasm for all things craft. I also wanted to share some of the craft skills that I’d been shown and taught by my mum and grandmas when I was growing up.

Each year on their birthdays I share something creative that they made as a little tribute to them. You can see the previous tributes here. As the years pass it is getting hard to find things I still have to share so I’m getting more flexible about what I choose to share with you. Now and again however, a family member comes up trumps and brings me a bag of things I might want to keep with some gems in it, just perfect for these tributes.

30th November was my nan, Pearl’s birthday. Pearl was my mum’s mum and was probably the most prolific crafter in the family, she seemed to be able to turn her hand to almost any craft. She sewed, made flowers with crepe paper, was a great cook, embroidered, knitted and crocheted.

My brother turned up a few months ago with a bag of dolls clothes that he was clearing out. His daughters had a lot of dolls clothes passed on to them from the family. In the bag I found some absolute gems which had been mine when I was little and one of them was this beautiful crocheted dress that my nan had made for one of my dolls.

I remember clearly that it used to have a pink ribbon round the waist, you can see that row of holes, and also around the neck and sleeves. The ribbon does not appear to have survived since the 70’s but the dress is still in great condition.

Originally there was a matching dark pink cardigan, a bonnet and possibly some little booties too but they don’t seem to have made it. Honestly though, I think this little dress has done well to last this long. Maybe there is a point to using inexpensive acrylic yarns after all!

So today, I’m remembering my nan Pearl. I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention when you tried to teach me to crochet. I hope you’d be pleased that I have learnt how to now, and that I love it!