Sunflower Crafts

sunflower craft tutorials
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I love Sunflowers, they are such a wonderful sign of summer. Apparently they symbolise happiness and optimism, and also represent longevity, love, and loyalty which is kind of lovely! As a plant for children to grow they are just so impressive when they get taller than the gardener and the way you can watch their faces turn to the sun is quite magical. (As long as you don’t grow them along a fence and then discover that they always seem to be turned to your neighbours garden so they get all the benefit!)

I’ve collected some fun summer sunflower craft projects together, all sorts of different crafts so there is something for everyone.

Sunflower Craft Ideas

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1) Paper sunflowers with pom pom centres. Make then into fridge magnets or attach them to push pins

2) Folded paper sunflowers with button centres from One little Project

3) Crocheted sunflower coasters from Hooked on Patterns

4) Applique sunflower flag from Love my Little Cottage

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5) Sunflower Pixie Hat from Lakeview Cottage Kids

6) Thumbprint flower mason jar from Mason Jar Crafts

7) Pistachio Shells Sunflowers from Decor Craft Design

8) Clothes Pin Wreath from Grace for Single Parents

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9) Sunflower Wreath from Julies Wreath Boutique at Grillo Designs

10) Felt sunflower from Dhila Babud

11) Sunflower from Coffee Filters by Aira Tran

12) Sunflower crochet motif by Eye Love Knots

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13) William Morris Inspired Sunflower Pincushion by Allison Dey at Sweater Doll

14) Painted Rock Tutorial from Art by Ro

15) How to paint a Sunflower by Step by Step Painting

16) Cross Stitch Sunflower Pattern from DMC

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17) Paper Plate Sunflower by Non Toy Gifts

18) Sunflower Beanie by The Purple Poncho, crochet by Carolyn

19) Tissue Paper Sunflowers by Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

20) Folded Paper Sunflower Craft from I heart crafty things

21) Crochet Sunflower Pot Holder by Nana’s Crafty Home

22) Sunflower Welcome for your Door from Crafts a la Mode

23) Sunflower Time Embroidery Design by DMC

24) Sunflower Crochet Coasters by Easy Breezy Crochet

Why not make a sunflower of some sort with these sunflower craft ideas and enjoy the summer vibe of a sunflower all year round?

If you don’t fancy doing your own DIY sunflower craft I’ve found a LOAD of beautiful sunflower themed items on my favourite handmade platform Etsy. I had such fun curating this list with lots of lovely jewellery, home decor and gift ideas.