Pom Pom Sunflower Fridge Magnets

A paper sunflower with brown pom pom centre made into a fridge magnet

Make cute, pretty, easy magnets for your notice board or fridge with a few simple craft supplies.

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Just a super quick craft tutorial today, but a bit of a long tale to tell to explain where the idea came from. If you’re just here for the tutorial feel free to scroll on down. If you want to hear my meandering story about why I had to drop everything and make these magnets the other evening then get ready!

I shared how to make some sweet little daisy notice board magnets about a year ago. Easy and sweet - I love daisies!


I was watching the telly the other evening (I think it was the One Show) and saw something about the Gower Peninsula in Wales where they still have some of the medieval strip farming type fields. All very interesting. Anyway, some of these fields were full of sunflowers and were so so beautiful. They were explaining how sunflowers are in fact made of up thousands of tiny flowers and only the outside flowers have the big petals. I never knew that!

After the program I went into the kitchen to make dinner and there on the fridge was one of my daisy magnets and boom, it got me thinking. This idea was just crying out to be tried in yellow and brown. I needed to make some sunflower magnets!

paper and pom pom sunflower fridge magnet

This is just a quick tutorial because it’s exactly the same as the daisies, just switch the colours. I’ll just wizz through it quickly.

To make your own Pom Pom Sunflower Magnets you will need:

My yellow paper was from old envelopes, my favourite source of coloured paper.

what you need.jpg
  • Punch out 2 flowers from the yellow paper, glue them together with some paper glue.

  • Curl the flower petals with your finger nails.

  • Glue a brown pom pom to the centre of the flowers with a dob of pva glue.

  • Use a strong glue to attach the magnet to the back of the flower. When I made the daisies I used superglue, this time I used Bostik’s Power Repair - my new favourite strong glue.

sunflower noticeboard magnets

That’s it!

You can glue a drawing pin/push pin instead of the magnet if you prefer to use on a cork noticeboard.

paper sunflower fridge magnet tutorial


I’ll be sharing this idea at these link ups