Valentine Heart Bookmarks

er heart bookmark with doodles and the words How to make valentine heart bookmarks

How to make easy little doodled heart bookmarks to give as gifts this Valentine’s Day. This craft project is cheap as chips and easy peasy!

Let’s get started:

All you need is a small piece of white card, a black fine liner pen, scissors, a craft knife and colouring pens.

These take about 15 minutes each so they are perfect if you want to make a whole bunch of little gifts for classmates, to post to friends etc.

Draw a heart onto your card. Any plain card is fine, I used the back of an old greeting card. My heart is about 3” across and 3” high (8cm x 8cm) but yours can be bigger or smaller.

Draw another heart inside the first one, allowing about 1/2 “ or 1 cm all the way round. Cut out, just outside the larger heart line.

Use a craft knife to cut all around the bottom part of the inner heart, if you start and finish about 1” from the top of the card heart that should be about right. I used the lines on my cutting board as a guide, but you don’t need to worry about being too exact here.

Doodle all over your heart, any design you like. I’ve shown a few below to give you some ideas but let your imagination go wild. Just start with a few basic lines or shapes and gradually fill up the hearts from there. Add as much or as little as you like. For me more is more with things like this, it’s hard to know when to stop!

Colour them in with the colouring pens and then you are finished! Easy as that!

paper heart bookmark in use

If you are doing this as an activity with children I’d suggest you prepare all the hearts and do the cutting of the inner heart with the craft knife in advance. Craft knife are VERY sharp and not suitable for young children to use.

Another idea would be to make and doodle some bookmarks and give them as gifts for people to colour in themselves.

You could try a flower design like this one, a few wiggly lines and some leaves and flowers.

These 2 ideas are built up with lots of hearts and scalloped borders, dots and swirls.

These 2 are similar, curved lines filled in with dots, scallops, lines and flowers.

heart shaped book marks covered in doodles

Just let your creative flair go wild, or copy mine exactly as they are if creative flair is in short supply. Just have fun!

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