Old Bracelet to New Statement Necklace Repurpose

Broken jewellery can sometimes be made into something new without being too difficult.

Make a Statement necklace from old bracelet

I had a lovely pink bracelet that a friend had given me a few years ago. I wear a lot of pink so I've worn it loads. The other day it snapped and I couldn't just restring it because I had lost a few pieces.

broken bracelet s.jpg

I really like all these statement necklaces that are around at the moment (all the beautiful people on 90210 seem to have loads!) so I thought these longish rectangular beads might work.

I added used some little silver beads I already had and some waxed thread, also from another project.

you will need s.jpg

My thread is about 64cm/25", that way it's just long enough to slip over my head without having to worry about a fastening of any kind. I just threaded the beads on and then tied a knot. Without the little silver beads between them the pink beads didn't hang right, I just experimented with what I had until I was happy.

finished 1 s.jpg
finished 2 s.jpg
make a new necklace from an old bracelet

(It's a bit chilly outside for too many pictures, my youngest just took a quick photo then we ran back in!)

New statement necklace from an old bracelet

The length seems pretty good to me and now I have a beautiful new necklace for no money and about 15 minutes of my time. Now, how can I make a new pink bracelet.......


I've made a few pink bracelets now


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