Stitchfinity Cross Stitch Jewellery Kit Review

I was very happy to have been gifted a cross stitch kit to review from Stitchfinity to make a pair of cute pizza earrings.

The kit contained everything needed to make these cute earring:

  • Plastic canvas

  • Embroidery thread

  • A needle

  • Cross stitch pattern and instructions

  • Jewellery findings

  • A jewellery card in case you want to gift the finished earrings

I’ve not stitched on plastic canvas for years! It didn’t take long to remember the slight adjustments you need to make to your cross stitch technique. It’s tricky to cast off by passing your thread behind previous stitches on the back of your work, the plastic has no “give” in it, so you just need to take some extra time and care with that.

My other main tip for working with plastic canvas is to make sure the edge of your canvas is smooth, trim any tiny little sticking out bits with scissors. Your sewing threads will keep catching on them otherwise, which is just a little irritating.

The instructions in the kit were clear and the chart easy to follow.

The pizza slices were really quick to stitch up. You make 4 identical slices as the earrings are double sided. A nice touch so you don’t have to worry about the wrong side showing when you wear them.

Once the stitching was complete I made them up into the earrings. In the kit I had plenty of earring findings. I had thread to spare too, there is plenty of everything in this kit.

The only thing I did differently when I assembled my pizza slice earrings was that I only used 1 jump ring instead of 2 as the instructions suggested. I chose to twist my earring wire 90 degrees with my pliers instead so that my pizza slices hang correctly. Just my personal preference, either way would work just as well.

Just to give you an idea, this is what I had left after my earrings were finished. I always keep little oddments of thread from kits like this, you never know when they will come in for some other small project.

Honestly, I think if I’d been more careful with the placement of my pizza slices on the plastic canvas I’d have been able to get more out of this kits I think there is enough supplies to make a matching necklace or maybe even 2 sets of earrings - you’d just need to add extra jewellery findings.

These cross stitch pizza earrings have turned out rather cute, if I do say so myself. Stitchfinity have other food themed jewellery kits available including a matching pizza brooch!

This Pizza Slice Earring kit is available directly from Stitchfinity along with their whole range of cute and modern cross stitch kits. It retails at £25 in the UK, they do ship internationally as well. Their kits are also sold in other craft retailers too so you may well see them in a store near you.

My only criticism of these cross stitch pizza slice earrings are that, on reflection, I think they needs more cheese! I could have added more “cheese” when I was stitching of course, I have plenty of yellow thread, so it’s totally my own fault. Luckily when I eat pizza, while wearing my earrings of course, I can have as much cheese on it as I like. I’m joking of course, too much cheese is bad for you - my earrings are perfect!