Make your own Simple Button Earrings

make your own simple button earrings

It’s that Pinterest time of the month again, when I join a group of super creative bloggers in the Pinterest Challenge hosted by My Pinterventures. For the challenge we all take something we’ve pinned a while ago and actually have a go at making it happen.

For this month’s challenge I’ve made some cute button earrings. There are lots of button earring ideas on Pinterest in all sorts of different styles, I was inspired by these from Crafty Ribbons.

I have a tin full of buttons, so this seemed like a fun and easy project for me to try.

button box.jpg

To make your own simple button earrings you will need:

what you need to make button earrings

Open a jump ring. Do this using the 2 pairs of pliers, twisting rather than pulling them open.

open jump ring.jpg

Pop the button and the earring wire onto the jump ring then close it back up.

The earring with hang with the button sideways. If, like me you want the button to face forwards then use the pliers to twist the earring wire through 90 degrees. It’s hard to photograph but you just pinch it right at the bottom and twist.

twist earring wire.jpg
red button earring

It’s as simple as that! Make 2 of course so you have a pair of earrings, the whole thing will take less than 5 minutes.

how to make button earrings

Next I tried a more dangly version of the button earring idea.

This time you’ll need 4 jump rings per earring so 8 in total.

Attach one jump ring to the button, make a chain with 3 more and join the last one to the earring wire.

With an even number of jump rings you won’t need to twist the earring wire to get the button to hang straight.

Dangly button earrings

The only thing you have to consider is the size of the button compared to the size of the jump rings. For example these wooden buttons are really pretty but the won’t work for this style of earring, if you compare them to the size of the jump ring you can see it’s not going to work.

button size.jpg

I used buttons saved from old shirts to make my earrings, they are a perfect size.

These earring are small, this photo shows the scale better. I guess you could make them bigger by using larger buttons but you’d have to attach them to the earring wire with wire rather than a jump ring.

little red button earring.jpg

That’s it, as simple as that! Cute button earrings in about 5 minutes. You could make a pair in every colour!


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