Granny Square Scarf Tutorial

Granny Squares are so easy to crochet, great for beginners, and can make a super cheerful cosy scarf.

Granny Square Scarf Tutorial

I LOVE my new scarf because:

a) It's beautiful

b) It costs nothing (as its a stash buster only made with wool I already had)

c) It only took 2 weeks

d) It's really pretty...

Originally I was going to do a real sampler of all different granny square patterns but then I realised I couldn't possibly find enough different squares that would all be the same size so half of the squares are the most traditional pattern I know, the rest are a mixture of different ones.

Do you want to make a granny square scarf?

You need:

  • DK Wool (worsted) - whatever colours you like, I had 7 different bright colours and plenty of at least 1 more colour for edging (mine is black)

  • Crochet hook, mine was 5mm

My scarf measures 23 cm/9" x 224 cm/87" 

Make 38 granny squares.

I mostly used patterns from Little Tin Bird using basic granny square, circles in squares and bullseye squares. Unfortunately Little Tin Bird is no more. You should be able to find suitable replacements easily enough with a quick search. Try Bella Coco on You Tube if you like video tutorials, Attic 24 has some lovely and very clear step by step photo tutorials,

As long as they come out the same size you can do whatever granny square patterns you like. There are hundreds out there on 'tinternet and some gorgeous books too. I like A modern girl’s guide to granny squares , Susan Pinner’s Granny Squares and The Granny Square Book.

*Just remember crochet patterns can be in UK or US terminology, Just make sure you check which you are working with. I print out patterns and write all over them if they are not UK versions so I don't forget what I'm doing half way through.

granny squares 1.jpg
granny squares 2.jpg
granny squares 3.jpg

I did each square with 3 multicoloured rounds then joined them all together at the end with this joining technique from Make My Day Creative using black wool. I strongly advise saving this job for the daylight if you use a dark colour - If I ever make anything with dark colours at night I see all my mistakes in the cold light of day!

Once all the squares were joined I went round the whole thing with DC (SC in US terms) in black, doing 3 stitches in the same stitch on the corners. Then another round in pink, then a last black round. It curls a little bit but I don't care!

On reflection I think it would be better if I'd turned the work over and done the pink row from the other side, I have a feeling that would stop the slight day I might undo that last row and do it again in the opposite direction.

granny square scarf

Have fun, make your favourite granny squares or try a load of new ones. 

If you don't crochet already then this is a great way to start, it's quick and easy, and you could make your scarf half as long if you get fed up - it will still be lovely!

granny square scarf

My hilarious son took the outside pictures, I said "take some close up so people can see the scarf" so he did:

really close up.jpg

As I say, this is a great beginners project, if you are new to crochet you might find this guide helpful before you start though : What you need to get started - crochet.


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