Over 25 ways to use Crochet Flowers

a collage of different craft ideas that all use crochet flowers

Flowers are one of my favourite things to crochet. I learnt to crochet specifically so I could make flowers, it was only later that I found you can make loads of other great fun things too!

So crocheting flowers has a special place in my heart and is something I come back to whenever I need a quick crafting fix. This is both lovely - crochet flowers are fabulous for using even quite small scraps of yarn - and means that I do have quite a collection of flowers in bags and boxes all over the place. I’m always on the lookout for new fun ways to use them.

The internet is awash with great little crochet flower patterns, many of them free. I collected over 40 of my favourite free crochet flower patterns together here.

So you’ve made your flowers, tried out a load of lovely patterns, maybe even learnt a new stitch or two, now what do you use them for?

Here’s some of my favourite ideas to use your crochet flowers:

Brooches - Possibly the most obvious use for a crochet flower is to add a safety pin on the back and turn it into a brooch - a great idea and very practical. You can pop them onto cloth bags as well as coat lapels and hats.

Yarn bombing - I confess that years ago when I first heard of it I thought yarn bombing was just a weird waste of good yarn! Once I saw some in real life though I thought it was just so lovely though and very uplifting to see. So I’ve done a completely 360 on it and I now think it’s wonderful public art! Sometimes for a cause or campaign and sometimes just to make a space look good, I think both has value. Acrylic yarn will last longer outside so would be best for any yarn bombing activities.

Awareness Raising and Random Acts of Kindness - Closely related to yarn bombing is the idea to give away your flowers as part of a local, national or international awareness raising or RAK event. You’d have to look in local Facebook groups to find local events but there are a few international ones like Roses against Violence and Random Acts of Crochet Kindness on Facebook (there are local Random Acts of Crochet Kindness groups for all over the world too, just do a quick search)

Other craft ideas to use crochet flowers:

Click through on the photos to be taken to the individual project tutorials.

Add them to a cushion with some simple embroidered stems and leaves like this one from Pretty DIY Home.


Garlands are a great idea for crochet flowers, either all the same pattern like here or mix and match lots of different flowers.


Make a sweet little greeting card, like this one from Simple as That.


A pretty cushion design and free pattern from Annie Design Crochet.


Zeleni trenutki has a lovely idea to sew little crochet flowers all over a pair of jean shorts.


Marjan from Atelier Marie-Lucienne used her crochet flowers to make art: simple and pretty. Marjan includes the pattern for these flowers too - bonus!


Blush crafts have this lovely card idea made with scraps of paper and stitched to look like an embroidery hoop.


Creative Jewish Mom added her crochet flowers to a tea towel and made a beautiful wall hanging! So creative!


Petals to Picots used pretty little crochet flowers to decorate paper clips, perfect for all you planner addicts.


Here’s another version of the paperclip for your planner idea from AnneMarie’s Haak Blog


Or how about covering a bag with crochet roses like this idea from Mama in a Stitch.


Another idea from Petals to Picots is to add crochet flowers to a basket, like this one for Easter (though I think this idea would work all year round!)


Winding Road Crochet had a beautiful CAL (crochet a long) earlier this year to make this wonderful crochet art. Such a pretty idea.


This pretty flower bookmark from Daisy Cottage Designs would make a wonderful gift for a special friend.


Maya from Little Treasures creates the most beautiful jewellery with crochet flowers, like this gorgeous necklace. She has so many wonderful ideas and patterns do check them out on her blog.


Bun Tilda made this sweet little headband with crochet flowers with pearl bead centres.


You could turn your flowers into keyrings like these from A Magia do Croche.


How about crocheting a little pincushion and topping it with a few little flowers like Anabelia Craft Design has here?


Creative Jewish Mom used T-shirt yarn to make this pretty hanging garland.


Use your crochet flowers to give your gift wrapping a special touch.


I love this Boho wall hanger from A Crafty Concept, a gorgeous way to use crochet flowers!


This floral headband by Amanda Saladin from Stitch and Unwind is so delicate and pretty.


How about attaching flowers to hair clips like these beauties from Grace and Yarn?


Crochet some sweet little cacti for your flowers to sit atop! Sew Crafty Crochet has patterns for all these different styles.


How about creating a beautiful wreath like this one from Repeat Crafter Me. ?


Or you could add flowers to a knitted or crochet cardigan. This sweet little pattern is from (aff link) Holland Designs on Etsy but you could use the idea to add flowers to any knitwear.


A little more ambitious than some of the other ideas, a crochet flower wedding bouquet. This one includes a free pattern from Gathered, but a quick search and you’ll find lots of similar ideas and patterns.


I don’t have a source for this picture, I found it on Pinterest but it just led to a crocken link sadly. But what a lovely idea! Attach crochet flowers to your bike basket.


Why not use a crochet flower to decorate a mini art work?

I can’t talk about crochet flowers without a mention of one of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram - Chris.made.this. Chris makes the most beautiful collages with crochet flowers (she shares other things too!). I highly recommend following her, seeing her beautiful collages when I’m having a little scroll quite literally makes my day.

a collection of crochet flowers used for different crafts

Do you have a bag of crochet flowers waiting to fulfil their destiny? Are you inspired by any of these ideas? Do you have another idea to use crochet flowers that I’ve not thought of?

If you don’t crochet but love these ideas I do have a mixed bag of crochet flowers available in my etsy shop.


I’ll be sharing these ideas at some of these link ups