How to make a simple flower crochet garland

a simple crochet flower garland

Although it’s still pretty much definitely winter in my part of the world I am looking forward to spring. Spring flowers, a bit of sunshine (hopefully!) and the chance to get outside a bit more.

Forgive me for repeating myself, I know I’ve mentioned this lots of times before, but I initially learnt to crochet so I could make crochet flowers. Of course I’ve gone on to learn that crochet is great for lots of other things too, but I still like to come back and make a bunch of crochet flowers every now and again. Last year I made over 40 different crochet flower designs as part of my 100 day project and have a lot of flower patterns that I love to make. But one of my all time favourites is this little flower pattern that I created back in 2019 and I can now make in my sleep! It is super quick as it’s just 2 rounds, it’s easy so it’s great for beginners and it looks cute - win win win!

I make a lot of these flowers in a thin cotton yarn as I sell them ready made for people who don’t crochet in my etsy shop. I also make a greeting card that uses them.

A friend gave me a bag with some small balls and part balls of colourful acrylic yarn recently (I have the best friends!) so I used it to make a load of these little flowers and turn them into a garland.

To make a flower garland like this you will need:

  • Scraps of 8 colourful yarn

  • Cream, off white or white yarn - about 30g (100 yards) would be plenty to make a garland like this, you might even get 2 out of that much!

  • A crochet hook in a size that suits the yarn you have

  • This mini crochet flower pattern

You can make these flowers with any yarn. Here I used the small amounts of Double Knitting, that’s like a light worsted, and a 4mm hook. My flowers came out approx 2” (5cm) in diameter.

Make 8 flowers with colourful middles (round 1) and cream or white petals (round 2). The pattern and instructions are here: Simple Mini Crochet Flower Pattern, or you can purchase an ad free easy print version in my Etsy shop here.

  • First line up your flowers in an order that is pleasing to you.

  • Take the cream/off white yarn and chain 50, then find the middle stitch of one petal of your first flower and work a dc (that’s a sc for US folks) into that middle stitch.

  • Chain 15 and then repeat joining another flower.

  • Continue until all the flowers are used and then finish with a chain 50.

a crochet flower garland with colourful flower centres

As you join the flowers check to make sure they are all facing the same way.

There is no reason why you couldn’t make your garland with centres all the same colour, or just a couple of different shades if you don’t like the multicoloured look.

With the yarn and hook size I used the garland is 95cm (37.5") in total, including about 23cm (9") length at each end with no flowers for tying the garland up. Each flower is approx 5cm (2") in diameter and there is a 8cm (3") gap between each flower. The length from the first to the last flower is about 51cm (20") .

If you use a different yarn or hook size then your garland will be a different size but then with something like a garland that isn’t usually an issue. Want a longer garland, just add more flowers. Easy Peasy!

You could use any flower pattern you love if you have a different one that is your favourite. Or maybe check out my collection of over 40 free crochet flower patterns and pick one of those.

a pink and white crochet flower on a pink background

If you love the garland but don’t crochet I do have a few extras available in my etsy shop.


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