Heart Elbow Patch Cardigan Makeover

Heart Elbow patch cardigan makeover

Two things:

  • I've always loved taking an item of clothing and making it a bit more interesting/unique.

  • I do love a cardigan - cardigans are cool.

I don't however, need 3 plain black cardigans, so when I discovered this was in fact the case I set about a couple of cardigan makeovers.

First up was a plain long line cardie with pockets.

Cardigan before makeover

I was inspired by a chunky jumper I had pinned a while ago which had lovely heart elbow patches. Turned out when I followed the pin link properly that this lovely jumper had the patches embroidered on and I fancied adding knitted patches to this cardie.

I couldn't find a free knitted heart pattern that suited what I wanted so had a little play and came up with my own.

To do a makeover like this you will need:

  • a plain cardigan or jumper

  • approx 25g ball of DK (worsted) wool in a colour of your choice

  • A small amount of contrast colour for attaching the patches

  • 3.75mm knitting needles

  • Buttons in a matching colour

  • A sharp sewing needle with a eye large enough for your wool

First you need to knit two hearts:

hearts for elbow patches

Knitted Heart Pattern:

Using the DK wool and 3.75mm needles

inc = knit twice into stitch

cast on 3 stitches

row 1: k

row 2: k

row 3: inc in first st, k1, inc in last st (5 stitches)

row 4: k

row 5: inc in first st, k to last st, inc in last st (7 stitches)

row 6: k3,p1,k3

row 7: rep row 5 (9 stitches)

row 8: k3,p3,k3

row 9: rep row 5 (11 stitches)

row 10: k3,p5,k3

row 11: 

rep row 5 (13 stitches)

row 12: k3,p7,k3

row 13: rep row 5 (15 stitches)

row 14: k3,p9,k3

row 15: rep row 5 (17 stitches)

row 16: k3,p11,k3

row 17: 

rep row 5 (19 stitches)

row 18: *k3,p13,k3

row 19: k

repeat from * 4 more times (27 rows in total)

row 28: k3,p6,k1,p6,k3

row 29: k

row 30: k3,p5,k3,p5,k3

row 31: k2tog, k to last 2 stitches, k2tog

row 32: k3,p3,k4 pass last but one stitch worked over last st (like you are casting off) k1,p3,k3

row 33: k2tog,k6 turn (you are now just working on these 7 right side stitches, the others just stay on the end of their needle for a minute)

row 34: k3,p1,k3

row 35: k2tog,k3,k2tog (5 stitches)

row 36: k

row 37: k2tog,k1,k2tog (3 stitches)

row 38: k

row 39: cast of those 3 stitches

Rejoin the wool in the middle

row 40: k6,k2tog

row 41: k3,p1,k3

row 42: k2tog,k3,k2tog (5 stitches)

row 43: k

row 44: k2tog,k1,k2tog (3 stitches)

row 45: k

row 46: cast off

Knitted heart for elbow patches

I made this up as I went along then checked it as I made the second one (hopefully it makes sense, out of interest this is what it looked like before I typed it up here - classy eh!)

knitted heart pattern

Now put your cardigan on and pin your elbow patches over where your elbow comes to.

This is MUCH easier if you get someone to help you! 

Knitted heart elbow patches

Contrary to what this picture show you need to sew those ends in before you attach the patches. I thought at first I would get away with just tucking them in but no, please sew them in first!

Now take a length of contrast wool threaded on your large sharp needle and blanket stitch in the patches in place. You could use the same colour thread, that would be nice too, or a different colour altogether.

blanket stitch knitted heart elbow patches

I seem to be sewing from right to left here, I think I normally blanket stitch from left to right. I conclude it doesn't matter. (unless someone knows better, please let me know!)

I added pink blanket stitch all round the edge of the button band to add a little more colour and changed the buttons for pink too. (the buttons are not all the same, I didn't have enough but I kind of like that effect)

blanket stitch edging


pink cardie 1.jpg
Heart elbow patch cardigan makeover
Heart patch cardigan makeover

My youngest son & I had fun and games again taking these photos, on reflection it may have been better not to include the bird table and the dead leaves! It's a messy time of year in the garden!


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