Pom Pom Scarf Refashion

Giant scarf Pom Pom makeover

Today I’m bringing you another wool based project, perfect for winter! A simple update for a plain scarf.

My lovely Sister-in-law (same one who gave me the extremely useful tea towels) made me a beautifully soft grey scarf for Christmas year before last.

I've worn it quite a bit but as a "bright colours" kind of girl I thought I might give it a quick upgrade.

I must stress that I had my sister-in-laws permission for this, we spoke about it this Christmas and she is completely on board.


It is made of a lovely soft bouclé type wool, and looks like it was made in garter stitch. It measures 30cm x 134cm (12" x 53")

close up.jpg

I am going a bit pom pom mad at the moment. I taught our daughter the “wrap around your hand” pom pom making method whilst she was home from Uni recently. I came home from work one day and she'd spent the day making loads, using up all the little bits of yarn we had that weren’t really any good for anything else. We used them to finish off all our Christmas gift wrapping this year.

I digress. I wanted to make BIG pom poms for this scarf and used the traditional cardboard ring method. I used a side plate and a small glass to make my doughnut shaped template in the size I wanted. There is a tutorial showing the cardboard ring pom pom making method here.

I used all of a 100g ball of bright blue DK (light worsted) yarn to make 2 big pom poms. You could use any yarn you have of course.

giant pom pom

Attaching the pom poms

I took one of the long ends, threaded into onto a big old needle and did a big running stitch along one end of the scarf.

adding a giant pom pom to an old scarf

I pulled it tight and tied a knot with the other long thread coming out of the pom pom.

tie knot.jpg

I gave it a couple more knots to secure and trims the ends off to match the rest of the pom pom.

pom pom scarf refashion

On reflection a chunkier wool might have been better, certainly quicker I think, but I just love this vivid blue with the grey.

pom pom scarf refashion

This was a really quick project, I did it start to finish whilst watching a film. Sometimes you just need a bit of instant crafting gratification! Do you have a plain old scarf that could use a quick and easy pom pom makeover?


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