Owl Granny Square Cushion

Granny square owl cushion

I mentioned this months ago when I showed you the little Crocheted Owl Brooch. Well here it is at last, my Granny Square Owl Cushion. (Actually not mine because this was one of our daughters Christmas pressies!)

This is not my own pattern but I've added links to the various elements I used and information about how I went about it, in case you want to have a go at making your own.

close up 2.jpg

This was made using up left over bits and pieces of wool from my stash, but it was all DK (in the US I think you call it light worsted) It turns out that some DK is thicker than others, so my squares varied a little in size but not so much that it matters too much, and it's nice to use up all your leftovers.

I used the lovely pattern from the brilliant Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me to make the owl squares and matching plain granny squares for the other squares, you can use these super clear instructions from Little Tin Bird if you don't already know how to make them.

This is my diagram for how to position the colours - wow what an artist I am!

plan copy.jpg

I made all the squares first then joined them using this join as you go method from the very talented ChiWei at OneDogWoof.

one dog woofs tutorial.JPG

 Once you have tried this joining method you may never go back to any other!


The back is one big granny square for two reasons:

1) I didn't have any more navy blue to go round the smaller squares

2) Those owls would get squashed if they were on the back!

cushion back.jpg

All the colours are the same ones used on the front, with the exception of navy blue (as I had run out!) You just make your normal plain Granny Square but don't stop after 4 rounds, just keep going until it's the same size as your front. (well, not your front, the front of the cushion!)

owl granny square cushion

I found the ears of the Owls were starting to fold forwards so I caught them down with a tiny stitch on each one.

French knots for eyes made of wool seemed like a good idea so the cushion stays soft (I didn't have enough little black buttons anyway)

I joined the sides together with a dc (or sc to those in the US)


After joining three sides, I inserted an inexpensive plain grey cushion from Ikea and joined the fourth side. If it needs washing I'm thinking a gentle hand wash just as it is, rather than worrying about taking the cover off.

owl granny square cushion
granny square cushion with owls
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