Crocheted Owl Brooch

Crocheted owl brooch

If you make a crochet motif with a smaller than usual hook then you can get a really small, thick version of the motif which is perfect for making a brooch.

I found and pinned this owl granny square crochet pattern  from Repeat Crafter Me a while ago, it’s just SOOOO Cute. 

I'm in the middle of making a cushion cover using the pattern. (update - click here for details of the owl cushion) I was finding picking up the stitches on the back of the Owl a bit fiddly, so I was using a much smaller hook, which worked a treat. But then I got distracted - I was holding the smaller hook and looking at the pattern and next thing I knew I'd made this little cutie! 

Do you want to make one? (why wouldn't you - he's so cute)

Follow Sarah's pattern from Repeat Crafter Me from here until you've made the Owl but use a hook that's much too small. My wool is DK (worsted) and the hook I used was a 3mm.

Once I had sewed the eyes on (I used beads for middles as I didn't have buttons small enough) and embroidered the beak & feet, the back was looking a bit messy.

messy back.jpg

I made a second version of the owl following the pattern again, but in one colour only up the the point where you would start the ears. So I had a little circle the same size as my owl.

back cover.jpg

I just stitched the two pieces together  making sure all the messy ends were tucked in. I only caught the back of the edge stitches from the actual owl so I wouldn't spoil the look of the front and made my stitches as little and neat as I could.

To finish I stitched on a brooch pin. I happened to have this one in my sewing box (I think it dropped off something else, have I mentioned that I never throw anything away!) A regular safety pin would work just as well.

finished back.jpg
Crochet owl brooch

That’s it, a cute little version of Repeat Crafter Me’s lovely little owl granny square minus the granny square bit, turned into a crocheted owl brooch.


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