Carrot Treat Bags

easy to make carrot treat bags
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With all the Easter and Spring time projects around at the moment I've seen a couple of carrot shaped treat boxes & bags, they reminded me of these little cardboard treat bags that I remember making when I was little. I have no idea if this idea is from a book or magazine (it can't be the internet because we are talking the 70’s here) but here is my version from memory (and a few trial runs!)

You will need:

  • Thin orange card - I guess thick paper would work too

  • Green yarn & a length of green ribbon

  • Hole punch, glue (I used Pritt stick), ruler, pencil and compass

  • You might want to use a little clear sticky tape too

Using the compass. mark two 1/4 circles in the corner of the card, one 14cm and one 13cm. I've done two here in the photo, one in each bottom corner.

draw circles.jpg

Cut out along the outer line.

cut out.jpg

Mark 1.5cm in from the right hand side and cut a slither off the shape so it's a little less than a 1/4 circle now.

remove a slither.jpg

Along the compass line, mark dots at 1.5cm intervals, starting 1cm in from the edge. You should end up with 12 dots in all, evenly along the line.


Using a hole punch upside down (and with the base removed if it's not see through like mine) punch a hole where each dot is. Line the dot up in the middle of the hole carefully or the holes won't be straight and it will look a bit rubbish (guess what happened in my first attempt!)


Roll the paper shape up a bit to start it curling - this will make the glueing bit much easier.

roll up.jpg

Apply a little glue just along the edge then roll up and glue the edges together. The two edge holes will overlap and line up and you will only have 11 holes round your carrot top.

glued tog.jpg

Press the seam firmly, I used a pencil to press down inside the carrot as far in as I could, then I added a teeny tiny bit of sellotape at the bottom on the outside to make sure it holds. 

Now you need to cut 11 x 30cm lengths of green wool.

cut wool.jpg

Fold each length in half and poke through the hole just a little way, poke the ends through the loop you've made then pull gently to secure. 

adding wool.jpg

Do this for all the holes, then fill with sweets, treats, whatever you like. I've used mini Easter eggs.

add sweets to an easter treat bag

Finish off by drawing all the strands of wool together and tying with green ribbon. Trim the ends of the wool to level them off and Ta - dah, you're finished!

You can use more wool instead of ribbon like I did in this photo but then I was thinking it looks like it would be difficult to find the right end to undo the bow and get to the treats! So on reflection I'm thinking ribbon is better. 

trim top.jpg
Carrot shaped Easter treat bags

You could even add a little gift tag if you wanted to.

gift tag.jpg
make your own carrot shaped treat bag
Carrot treat bags 3.jpg
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