Easter Egg Gift Box

Easter Mini Egg Gift box

Almost 3 years ago I shared a little tutorial on how to make these little gift boxes for Mini Easter eggs as a guest post over at the Pinning Mama. They are simple to make and just the right size for gifting a small chocolate egg - one of those that is the same size as a real chicken egg.

Supplies needed to make an Mini Easter Egg Gift Box

  • a sheet of thin card

  • a little piece of tissue paper

  • some left over scraps of yarn

  • pencil, ruler, scissors, stapler and hole punch

How to make a Mini Egg Gift Box

Mark your card out following the diagram below. For those who need a translation:

  • 4cm = 1.5"

  • 12cm = 4.5"

  • 20cm = 7.5"

  • But note if you measure in inches your box will be a fraction smaller as I've not translated it precisely

mark out.png

Cut out the corners and then cut and fold the lines as shown in the photo below.

Cut out.jpg

Punch holes in the ends.

punch holes.jpg

Fold the sides of the box up and then in and secure them with a staple.

fold in sides.jpg

Pop a little tissue paper into the box and add the egg on top.

tissue paper and egg.jpg

Bring up the side and secure the top with a few mini pom poms.

mini pom poms.jpg

I made my mini pom poms using the fork method. Find out how to make them here: Ways to make pom poms without a pom pom maker. In those instructions I advise to tie your pom poms with strong thread but for these gift boxes I used yarn and left a long tail. You can use that long tail to secure the box top by tying through the holes you punched.

Easter egg box with pom poms

Alternative ideas to secure the Easter egg gift boxes

You can use patterned thin card too and maybe make some tassels instead of pom poms.

Mini Easter egg box with tassels

Or maybe tie a bow with embroidery thread or ribbon.

Easter mini egg gift box with thread bow

At the side you can see the egg nestled in it's little gift box.

Easter egg in a mini gift box
Creme Egg sizes Easter Egg Gift Boxes

These are so quick and easy to make, just perfect if you have  children in the family that you like to give just a little something at Easter. They are also easy enough for the kids to make for their friends too.


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