Make it Yours Clutch Bag Competition Entry

Make it yours clutch bag competition entry

One of my favourite things about blogging is connecting with other craft bloggers. I've found the whole craftybloggy community to be a very friendly place, full of like minded people all over the world. Visiting other craft blogs is something I try to do every day if I can. 

One blog I love is So Sew Easy where the very talented Deby shares her amazing sewing talent, tips and patterns. She is running a competition which ends on 30th May 2014 to make a clutch bag using her pattern and 'Make it Yours' with embellishments etc. The pattern is free so even if the 30th May has passed when you read this I highly recommend checking it out.

finished bag 2.jpg

I am very happy with my lovely new clutch bag.

First I downloaded Deby's lovely pattern. You can get it from here. It comes with full instructions and I definitely needed them, I've never made a bag like this before!

I used an old scarf that I inherited from my Mum as my starting point.

old scarf.jpg

My Mum had loads of scarves, some I wear, some I've Charity shopped and some are waiting for inspiration to strike.

The scarf was sort of chiffonish, very flimsy and see through so I also used some plain bright pink cotton. I had a big piece that I bought about 5 or 6 years ago to use as a table cloth for my daughter's "Legally Blonde" birthday party (everyone dressed in pink, ate pink food, watched the films etc)

I cut the pattern twice from the pink (lining and outside) and once from the scarf (outside 2nd layer)

pinned pieces with scarf.jpg

I cut the scarf a bit bigger than the pattern, it was so slippery I thought I would allow in case it slid about a bit. 

I also cut the pattern twice from iron on interfacing which I just ironed onto the pink cotton as per Deby's instructions.

Just working on the outer layer for a bit I tacked the cotton/interfacing to the scarf all over to make it secure.

tack all round.jpg

Next I added a little bit of machine embroidery, just over the flowers on the scarf material. I'm not very good at machine embroidery so I kept it very basic!

embroidery close up.jpg

I added a few beads by hand too.

close up embroidery 2.jpg

Then I just made the bag up following the instructions. (you can see the reverse of my embroidery here on the interfacing side)

folded up.jpg

I loved this method, it really is just like magic. I couldn't for the life of me see how it was going to work, I just did as I was told and then suddenly I turned it out and Ta dah! A fully lined bag - very cool!


To hold the flap in place I used big poppers, rather than the magnetic fasteners that Deby recommends, only because that's what I already had. When I make this again (and I will be for sure, probably as presents for my lucky friends!) I will invest in proper fasteners.

finished bag 3.jpg
finished bag 1.jpg

The green on the scarf looks grey here against the pink cotton, in real life it catches the light and is a bit shimmery. Perfect for a going out bag!

When I make this again I will add a little inside pocket of some sort too (the instructions tell you when to do this if you want to) I think that will make it even nicer.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing all the other entries on, I think it will be very inspiring to see how others have made this pattern theirs.


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