Crochet Loveliness

granny square blanket

I found a couple of lovely crochet patterns recently and have enjoyed a little crochet fest.

First a beautiful collar from Emma at Lulu Loves (Free pattern, how great is that!)

It just looked so lovely I wanted to see if I could make it. It was surprisingly easy, my crochet is fairly basic but I followed the pattern and this came out! 

crochet collar
collar close up.jpg

I did mine in white DK, and it took me about the length of a film to make (Iron Man 3 since you asked) Now I just need to find something to put it on. Do you ever make something "just because"?

Then, just the other day, I came across this lovely flower pattern from Alix at Kreativ-77. I love crocheting flowers, they just go so well together - like Marmite & Toast, Bread & Butter, Tea & Biscuits, Elizabeth Bennet & Mr Darcy....where was I?

flower front 2.jpg

I used this flecky blue-grey DK wool, I like the sort of Denim look it has. My hook was pretty enormous, a 5mm. I was just so eager to get started I just grabbed the first one I came to! My flower came out about 4.5" across and took me about an hour to make.

back of flower.jpg

I've attached a safety pin on the back and used it to decorate a plain gift bag for a friend's birthday present.

gift wrapping.jpg

I may write her name and a message on the bag, maybe along the bottom in a twirly way, it looks a bit plain now I see it here.

Finally I did a little more on my long term WIP.

granny square blanket

One day this will be a beautiful blanket, for now it's a very small blanket and a pile of circles!

blanket middles.jpg

It's such a great way to use up all those bits and pieces, the only wool I've bought is the grey/silver fleck that joins them all together. When it's finished I will show it off properly, but don't hold your breath!

Update: It's finally finished - hooray! You can find out all about it here.


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