Refashions Part 1: T-shirts and Tops

T shirt refashions

I love a good clothes refashion/makeover. Turning stuff I already have into something that looks and feels like new. 

I've shared a few refashions (there's a refashions section at the bottom of this page) but I have quite a few items that I've revamped over the years PB (pre blog!)

Sadly no "before photos" and no super duper little tutorials to show you. However I thought I could share some finished items and a few words to explain what I did which might be helpful if you have a pile of stuff just waiting to be transformed or maybe just tweeked.

This time is T-shirts and Tops, I have some skirts/dresses which I will share when I get some photographs sorted.

Pink Top with Lace

Lace top refashion

This started life (a good few years ago) as a long tunic type t-shirt, mid thigh length and plain, it had a little tie belt made of the same fabric. The washing machine made a couple of those annoying teeny tiny holes in it an inch or two from the bottom hem so I chopped about 6 inches of the bottom and hemmed it.

pink t bottom hem.jpg

This round neckline was just asking for some pretty pretty (that's what my Nan called any sort of lace or trim). This lace was good as it went round the curve really easily. I just hand stitched it on. I had to stitch both edges of the lace as it curled when I tried a short cut and only did the top!

Lace top refashion

You can just make out some of my little stitches on the inside.

stitches inside.jpg
Pink t shirt lace makeover

(Loving the shadow lines of the washing line across me here!)

Button Swap Top

swap the buttons for a new look

This white long sleeved waffle t-shirt had 3 grey buttons, 3 silver rivets and grey stitching between each button. I replaced the buttons with coloured ones and stitched over the grey stitching with zig zag on the sewing machine.

buttons close up.jpg

The rivets were a bit harder to sort out. I prized one off with pliers  and a screwdriver but it really didn't want to come off so it left a little hole. The yellow button is covering the hole but I didn't want to risk any more. I covered the remaining two rivets with nail varnish, one green and one blue. It's been through the washing machine dozens of times and they are still good.

White Top with Lace Hem

This is probably my favourite and therefore most worn refashion ever.

white lace top refashion

I'm sure it's more flattering than this in real life though, hummm ... must be the weird way I'm holding my arms out! 

This white top was gathered onto a wide ribbed band round the bottom originally. It made me look like a balloon so I took it off and just hemmed it. Unfortunately the hem just kept rolling up, especially round the back so I added this wide band of lace and now I love it.

Adding lace to a hem - right side

Adding lace to a hem - right side

Adding lace to a hem - wrong side

Adding lace to a hem - wrong side

add lace to a t shirt hem

This lace was originally gathered as a collar from a 1980's dress which had been chopped up for other things a long time ago. I knew it would come in for something eventually.

Button Swap Cardigan

white cardie.jpg

I nearly didn't show you this one, I've just swapped the buttons on this little white summery cardie. Not the most inspirational thing on the planet!

white cardie buttons.jpg

They are a little brighter than the photo shows and though I like it I do think it needs something more to make me love it.

Maybe a line of coloured thread around the button band, or cuffs, or on top of the ribbing. Or maybe some all over embellishment or embroidery, or appliqué, something coming down from the shoulders perhaps? There is a little seam going across the front mid shoulder level, maybe something there?

I think pastel or bright or white on the white would look nice (I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure!)

Any ideas?


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