Share a Coke with bottles with your name on them are fun to try to find, but then what do you do?

Share a coke with picture

I don't know if this is a world wide thing, but last year here in the UK we had the shops full of coke bottles with names on them. Like most kids, mine found bottles with their names, drank the pop..... and then we kept them on the side in the kitchen! 


And there they've sat for best part of 8 months! I thought I would think of a brilliant and creative way to use them - humm! In the end I realised it is the label that is the fun bit and also the bit most likely to get damaged just sitting on the side. So I made them into a "Share a Coke with" picture.

I carefully unstuck the labels (they are kind of plastic-y and not paper so they didn't rip), arranged them on a piece of thick white paper, then stuck them down with regular Pritt stick.

I had an old picture frame which I had attempted a white paint respray on a few months back.

What can go wrong: If you are not careful and patient when spray painting things they can go a bit bubbly and lumpy, like this:

damage to frame.jpg

Not to worry, that can be easily covered up with Washi tape! Since my birthday I now have 8 rolls to choose from - whoop whoop! These are my red/white options.

washi tape.jpg

I stuck the Washi tape over the frame, cutting the corners into a mitre with my craft knife. I just did my best attempt at pattern matching.

close up corner.jpg
close up corner 2.jpg

It covered the bumpy paint no problem.

Next I cut a piece of card to fit the frame, glued the labels on to it and popped it in the frame.

share a coke with picture

It now hangs in the kitchen next to our awesome tractor calender (guess who went calender shopping in January this year and found there was a very limited selection?!)

The red and white doesn't really match the lilac walls but I kind of like it anyway. Maybe next time we decorate the kitchen it can be red. Did I mention I like red?!

on the wall.jpg

They'd be a fun thing to put on a bedroom door too, or label a folder for school. 

If you made something fab out of your Share a Coke with bottle do tell us about it in the comments below.


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