Wallpaper Birthday Banner

Wallpaper Birthday Banner

Further to my less than awesome Party Ideas post earlier this week I can at least share how I made the Gold & Silver Birthday Banner.

It cost £0.00 which I was very pleased about. I already had some bits for it (ribbon, sharpie pens), hence the £0 price tag but even if you had to buy some things it still works out as a bit of a bargain!

To make it you need:

  • Wallpaper samples - mine were silver and gold

  • Sharpie pens - again silver and gold

  • Glue (mine is Pritt stick)

  • Ribbon - how much you need depends on how long your message is. You can always reuse it afterwards.

  • A bit of scrap card

First make a template of the "flag" shape on the scrap card:

bunting template

Place this on the back of the wallpaper and draw round in pencil. 

mark out template.jpg

Just cut as many as you need, that depends on what you want to say! I ended up needing 17 flags, 9 silver and 8 gold. Here is a glimpse of the high tech way I calculated how many G (gold) and S (silver) I needed!

workings out.jpg

Then just cut them out carefully.

wallpaper birthday banner

Now to decorate them. You can do whatever you like, I used my lovely 2" circle punch to cut wallpaper circles. 

punch circles.jpg

Stick them onto the flags centrally,

attach circles.jpg

then use the Sharpies to write the letter. I also added a border to the flag and the circle.

draw letters.jpg

I kept the letters REALLY simple, if you can do fancy calligraphy you should do that!

Cut a little slot at the top corners of each flag with a craft knife.

cut in corner.jpg

Then thread the ribbon through.

ribbon through.jpg

Now it's ready to hang up!

wallpaper birthday banner
close up.jpg
how to make a wallpaper birthday banner

Easy and free! What more can you ask for?


I'll be linking up this project at all these lovely link parties