Framed Christmas Tree Print

Is it ok to give a framed Christmas Print to someone when their birthday falls at the end of November / beginning of December?

I think it is, after all who wouldn't want a beautiful addition to their seasonal décor? So with that in mind I made this gift for a friend whose birthday was a couple of weeks ago.

framed Christmas tree print

I downloaded and then printed this beautiful Christmas tree verse printable from Yellow Bliss Road

YBR photo.JPG

The frame I had was an inexpensive Nytjia 13cm x 18cm one from Ikea. They come in a pack of two for just £2.75 and are perfect for decorating a little.

I printed the lovely tree printable at 60% to shrink it down enough to fit the frame.

Star detail.jpg

This little yellow star was from my stash of bits from old cards and was just the right size. I just gave it a little sparkle with Mod Podge and glitter then glued it in place. I left the clear plastic out of the frame to allow for the thickness of the star.

Next I fancied up the frame just a little with Washi tape:

washi tape corners.jpg

and then some little layered bows (also from my stash - seriously, never throw things away, you never know when you might want them!)

bow detail.jpg

I could have gone on and on but the print is so lovely I didn't want to "gild the lily", less is more and all that. 

framed Christmas Tree Print

Super easy and super cute - It doesn't even have to be a gift, you could make one for yourself!

Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road has tons of the most lovely printables, you can find them all here. But be ready to pin if you are a pinterest fan as there are loads and if you are anything like me you are going to want to be able to find them over and over again.


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