Framed Doily

Framing a pretty doily is a simple and inexpensive way to make art for your wall.

Framed lace doily

A treasure I unearthed when we moved house was a handmade lace doily. I inherited it from my Mum. I'm sure I remember her telling me she had bought it in Belgium or it might have been Holland. What I can remember is that she had visited a place where ladies were making the lace using traditional cushions, pins and bobbins and bought it directly from them. 

lace close up.jpg

The doily had been used as a tray cloth and has a couple of tea stains. I gave it a gentle wash but the stains are old and seem fixed, I don't want to try anything harsh on the delicate lace. I've decided that the stains give it character and history!

Today I'm joining this month's Pinterest challenge, where a group of bloggers share something they've made, inspired by Pinterest.

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I've pinned a few ideas for art made from doilies. 

This from Shey B where a doily has been used as a stencil:

Doily art

and this from Allison Kreft where rub on transfers have been layered up on a canvas:

allison kreft.jpg

Two lovely ideas, but I wanted to display my doily without damaging it at all.

old frame.jpg

I took an old wooden picture frame, removed the back and the glass, then gave it a couple of coats of gold spray paint (this is going in our cream, white and gold bedroom, the other projects for this room are herehere and here

I laid the doily on a towel and very gently pressed it with a warm iron, just to smooth and even it out. I'm hoping that is not a terrible thing to do - it seems fine and I was very gentle.

Next I took a piece of acid free drawing paper and cut it to the size of the picture frame back.


I cut a piece of thick card to the same size.

I layered up the picture frame back, the card, the acid free paper then laid the doily out on the paper centrally. Finally I popped the clean glass on the top then put the doily sandwich back into the frame. 

The extra layer of thick card helped to push the doily tight up against the glass so it doesn't move even though it's not secured in any way.

tape up back.jpg

The frame was one that everything just slides into so I taped up the open top edge. I don't want dust getting in and onto the doily.

Lace doily art

And that's it! It's up in the wall, another piece of art for our bedroom, along with the Geometric DIY art and the butterfly specimen picture.

I'm not sure these photos do it justice, even though it's pressed flat up to the glass, the texture of the lace really shows. 

lace doily art

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